Monday, February 11, 2008

What's been going on behind the scenes

For any lurkers out there, if you are wondering why the USS Guadalcanal and IKS DuranQo have been so quiet lately, it's really because I've been working more behind the scenes lately, along with Xena's ever-patient help, creating a playable single-player version of the game. A combination, really, of the long-term exploration you've seen here, and a bit of a 'choose your own adventure' thing. What I'm trying is to harken back to the days of the RPG/quest games when computer games depended more on imagination than graphics. Remember opening the door to a castle, or entering a village, walking up to a villager, and getting a bunch of text on the screen that moved you along on your adventure? Well, that is the concept I'm working at. But I'd like to add to that the massive sweep possible in the Trek universe, and eventually makes a game that is a mix of adventure, story-telling, and combat. Combine maybe Dungeons and Dragons, Starfleet Battles, and maybe Risk, and you'll get an idea of where I want Fantasy Trek to go. And I'm looking for input from not just players, but lurkers as well.

Thanks :)