Saturday, November 28, 2009

1109.26 IKS Ab'Qaff ChaHom System

After sitting idle for a maddeningly long time, the Romulan construction ships completed the shipyard, which as it turns out is an advanced shipyard, capable of building D'deridex type warbirds. Considering that Maavik's agent is due to arrive in less than a day, I cannot allow these Ha'dibaH to exist any longer. I will order the fleet to destroy the shipyard while the Ab'Qaff dispatches the two warbirds. I don't anticipate the fleet having any trouble with the shipyard and construction ships. but I will be prepared to take the Ab'Qaff into that battle as soon as the warbirds are destroyed.

Supplemental entry: There was no need for concern on my part. Despite their attempts at defense, the shipyard and construction ships were destroyed even quicker than the two warbirds. The area has been secured, and we now only need wait for the Vulcan envoy to take a sample of the hull material found
here. I will take the rest back to Qo'noS.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

"Maavik" 1109.22 Subspace Message Packet Sent

Subspace Message Packet
Sent from "Maavik"
Transceiver Frequency 7A71138237
Intended Recipient:
IKS Ab'Qaff
KristaK Sector
Encryption: Code Two

Message Reads:

Expect courier arrival in 3 Vulcan days. Transponder code 1312.5. Courier
code S'task.

Message ends.

Friday, November 20, 2009

IKS Ab'Qaff 1109.20 Subspace Message Packet Sent

Subspace Message Packet
Sent from IKS Ab'Qaff
KristaK Sector
Intended Recipient:
Transceiver Frequency 7A71138237
Encryption: Code Two

Message Reads:

Hull debris in KristaK sector grid 09952 quantum dated at 2,000 years old
tests as Vulcan. Request you send trusted courier to take possesion and
investigate further.

Message ends.

IKS Ab'Qaff Stardate 1109.20 ChaHom System Supplemental Entry

As the Romulan construction ships continue to build a shipyard in the ChaHom
system, our analysis of the Vulcan hull fragments has reached an impasse. I
have therefore decided to contact the only source within the Vulcan
government that I believe I can trust. I take this step with grave

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as (tentatively) combat encounters. Just like on the show, where you might
access all logs for a certain captain on a certain ship. Now you can do
that. A bit of a maintenance issue, because it requires actually going to
the website to edit the message, but it's a feature I've wanted for a long
time. Something else that Star Trek Online most likely will not offer. :)

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Simple Sector Conquest Turn Log As of 1109.17

As I'm posting this, I'm realizing that it isn't a quadrant at all, but a
sector. Oops :) That's why the subject header says "Simple Sector Quadrant".
As I'm playing through this, I am noting activity turn by turn, so I can
subject the only vulnerable shipyards to random enemy attack. That requires
Line Of Sight. Those random attacks require a 1d6 2/6 roll, (On a 1d6, you
need to roll a 1 or 2 to get attacked), and happen every other turn.

Turn 1)
(1109.13)-attack on KSY1? no
Fleet arrives in system cha: K1-6 vs F1-3. F1-3 destroyed. No damage to
Klingon Fleet.

Turn 2)
(1109.13)-K1-6 vs F1-5: F1-5 destroyed. No damage to Klingon Fleet

Turn 3)
(1109.13)-attack on KSY1? Contact: 4 FCA's KSY1 vs F1-4: F1-4 destroyed. No
damage to KSY1
(1109.14)-K1-6 vs F1-4: K1-6 vs F1-4: *won toss F1-4 destroyed. K1,2

Turn 4)
(1109.16)- KSY2 begin construct K1. Turn 1= No contact.

Turn 5)
(1109.16)-KSY2 construct K1 Turn 2= No contact. -attack on KSY1? No contact

Turn 6)
(1109.16)-KSY2 construct K1 Turn 3= No contact.

Turn 7)
(1109.16)-K1 complete. KSY2 construct K2 Turn 1= No contact. -attack on
KSY1? No contact

Turn 8)
(1109.16)-KSY2 construct K2 Turn 2= No contact.

Turn 9)
(1109.16)-KSY2 construct K2 Turn 3= No contact. -attack on KSY1? No contact.
Fleet departs system cha for empty space.

Turn 10)
(1109.17)-Fleet arrives open space. Convoy encountered=1 FCA escort: F1,
Fr1-5 destroyed. K1 6/25 damage. K2-6 undamaged.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Simple Quadrant Conquest Update 0909.11

The Reinforcement Request rule seems to have rebalanced the coin toss
effect. I've used it in my simple quadrant conquest scenario, and while it
wasn't easy for the Klingons, they've established a beach head in system one
with a shipyard. They held that hard-won ground while the shipyard built the
fleet back up to six, and now they've moved to open space to get to work on
convoys that form the Federation's economic base. Here are the results of
the simple quadrant conquest to date:

1)wa (1009.27) contact: 1 FCA.(1009.27) k1-6 vs f1: f1 destroyed. No damage
to fleet. Begin construct KSY1. Turn 1= No contact. Turn 2= contact: 4FCA's.
(1109.05) K1-6 vs F1-4. K1 destroyed. F1-4 destroyed. Turn 3= contact:
5FCA's. (1109.05) K2-6 vs F1-5. F1-5 destroyed. No damage to Klingon Fleet.
KSY1 begins construct K1. Turn 1= contact: 1 FCA (1109.07) KSY1, K2-6 vs F1:
F1 destroyed. No damage to Klingon Fleet. Turn 2= contact: 2FCA's (1109.08)
KSY1, K2-6 vs F1,2: F1,2 destroyed. K2 destroyed. Turn 3= contact: 1FCA
(1109.08) KSY1, K3-6 vs F1: F1 destroyed. No damage to Klingon Fleet. K1
launched.KSY begin construct K2. Turn 1= contact: 5FCA's (1109.08) KSY1,
K1,3-6 vs F1-5: F1-5 destroyed. No damage to Klingon Fleet. Turn 2= no
contact. Turn 3= contact: 4 FCA's (1109.08) KSY1, K1,3-6 vs F1-4: F1-4
destroyed. No damage to Klingon Fleet. K2 launched. (1109.08) K1-6 moves to
open space.

open space- (1109.08) K1-6 search for convoy:Turn 1: no contact. Turn 2:
convoy encountered: 2 FCA escorts.

Next up, the full Klingon fleet is going after a Federation convoy. I'm
thinking about restricting the Klingons to ten volleys to destroy or
sufficiently reduce the convoy (destroying or capturing 3/5 ships) in order
to be successful. Otherwise it seems too busy. I'll play it that way on this
attempt to see how it goes. And in case you're wondering what the rules
actually are for this scenario, here they are:

System Conquest:
Roll 1d6 for size of enemy fleet. Then use appropriate simple combat
template. All surviving ships retain damage but can move and fight until
destroyed. They can only be repaired by remaining in place for two turns
(subject to random enemy attack each turn) or by docking at shiyard for one

Open Space:
All open space must be cleared.
Random enemy convoy(s) must be stopped=at least 3/5 freighters destroyed,
escorts (random, 1-2) destroyed or disabled (10/15 damage). Every convoy
that is stopped decreases potential enemy fleet size by one.

Enemy forces may be encountered in all open spaces. Roll for encounter (2/6
chance), Roll for size of enemy fleet (use same method as in-system combat).

Shipyards are recommended. They can be built anywhere. Three starships must
remain in system or open space area for three turns to build shipyard. LOS
(line of sight) must be maintained to use shipyard. Shipyard subject to
attack every other turn by random number of enemies. Shipyard has X50
multiplier. Shipyard can construct replacement ships in 3 turns.

If you want to register as a player, notify me through a comment on the
blogsite. I recommend keeping a record of your games played, as they add up
to experience points that enrich your gaming experience.

Of course these are subject to change...


First Simple Combat PvP

It only took about three years :) but the first Fantasy Trek Simple Combat
PvP (Player versus Player) match took place. Player Kate, in an independent
Heavy Cruiser took on Kapact in the KCA IKS 'etlh. Kate won after a few back
and forth volleys. Congrats to Kate. On reflection, I'm considering adapting
the rules, so that it only takes five PvP simple combat rounds between
registered players to gain an experience point. Seems only fair. Here are
the combat logs from Kate's victory:

PCA AV Sitka vs KCA 'etlh
versus kate
IKS 'etlh roll 20 0o/20d
AV Sitka roll 40 15o/25d

IKS 'etlh roll 40 20o/20d
AV Sitka roll 60 20o/40d

IKS 'etlh roll 20 0o/20d
AV Sitka roll 3 o/30d

IKS 'etlh roll 50 30o/20d
AV Sitka roll 60 0o/60d

IKS 'etlh roll 10 10o/0d
AV Sitka roll 30 20o/10d

kate won