Tuesday, November 10, 2009

First Simple Combat PvP

It only took about three years :) but the first Fantasy Trek Simple Combat
PvP (Player versus Player) match took place. Player Kate, in an independent
Heavy Cruiser took on Kapact in the KCA IKS 'etlh. Kate won after a few back
and forth volleys. Congrats to Kate. On reflection, I'm considering adapting
the rules, so that it only takes five PvP simple combat rounds between
registered players to gain an experience point. Seems only fair. Here are
the combat logs from Kate's victory:

PCA AV Sitka vs KCA 'etlh
versus kate
IKS 'etlh roll 20 0o/20d
AV Sitka roll 40 15o/25d

IKS 'etlh roll 40 20o/20d
AV Sitka roll 60 20o/40d

IKS 'etlh roll 20 0o/20d
AV Sitka roll 3 o/30d

IKS 'etlh roll 50 30o/20d
AV Sitka roll 60 0o/60d

IKS 'etlh roll 10 10o/0d
AV Sitka roll 30 20o/10d

kate won

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