Monday, July 5, 2010

Simple Combat Resources

Simplified Combat

Random Encounter Chart
2 (DS) Defense Sat X1/(FR) Freighter/(CS) Construction Ship X2
3 (FF) Frigate X4
4 (DD) DestroyerX6
5 (CL) Light Cruiser X8
6 (CA) Heavy Cruiser X10
7 (CC) Command Cruiser X12
8 (BCH) Heavy Battlecruiser X15
9 (DN) Dreadnought X20
10 (BB) Battleship X22
11 (CV)Carrier X25
12 (STB ) Starbase/ (SY)Shipyard X100/75 (reroll, 50/50)

Race-Specific Rules:

Tholians (Web rules)
If you want to throw a web on someone, you have to put a third
of your points toward the web for three consecutive volleys. The web is
considered to be up as of the next volley. At that point, you have three
volleys to fire on a powerless opponent. That's right, only you roll, put
one third on maintaining the web, and put the rest on offense and your
opponent cannot attack or defend. But only for three turns. Then the
web is gone.

In the case of a fleet engagement, multiple Tholians can throw a web over an
equal number of enemy craft, and the destruction of any contributing Tholian
brings down the whole web.


IKS rolls: o/d
USS rolls: o/d
IKS damage: /
USS damage: /

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