Thursday, July 29, 2010

Stardate 0710.29 Warship Log IKS Etlh Recovery of Warship Lancer

Captain Sompek in Command of IKS Etlh, leading warships DuranQo and Lursor.
We have been ordered to Tholian Space to investigate disappearance of the
Heavy Cruiser IKS Lancer. We penetrated a dense asteroid field, each
suffering minor damage to shields. Upon emerging from asteroid cluster, we
found three Tholian Kelva Class Heavy Cruisers waiting for us. They appear
to have been expecting us, and the advantage initially was theirs....

volley 1 roll o 6 roll for damage
KCA1 evade?6 damage?4 /35 y
KCA2 evade? damage? /35 n
KCA3 evade?4 damage?3 /35 y

volley 2 roll of 5-6 roll for damage
KCA1 evade? damage? /35 n
KCA2 evade? damage? /35 n
KCA3 evade?5 damage?2 /35 y

volley 3 roll of 4-6 roll for damage
KCA1 evade?2 damage?3 1/35 y
KCA2 evade?5 damage?5 /35 y
KCA3 evade? damage? /35 n

volley 4 roll of 3-6 roll for damage
KCA1 evade? damage? 1/35 n
KCA2 evade?6 damage?4 /35 y
KCA3 evade?4 damage?5 1/35 y

volley 5 roll of 2-6 roll for damage
KCA1 evade? damage? 1/35 n
KCA2 evade?1 damage?4 3/35 y
KCA3 evade? damage? 1/35 n
*lost toss

KCA1 rolls: o/d
KCA2 rolls: o/d
KCA3 rolls: o/d
CA1 rolls: o/d/w
CA2 rolls: o/d/w
CA3 rolls: o/d/w
KCA1 damage: 1/35
KCA2 damage: 3/35
KCA3 damage: 1/35
CA1 damage: /15
CA2 damage: /15
CA3 damage: /15

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