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Fantasy Trek Artwork: "etlh Komerex" Award

Newly created for the game...

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RePost: Summary of Events Stardate 0509.24

It's been so long since I did this, I thought I'd repost, just to remind anyone listening of what's going on....

Summary of Events Stardate 0509.24
Stardate 0509.26

Would you like to do more than just read? How about shaping the story? Start your career in the Center Seat. Get started right now with the Quick Start Guide:To get started, answer the following questions:Game Type:Pure Combat(Do you play for pure combat? You know that other events might decide the nature of that combat, but you just want to blow things up. And think about this: Do you like to micromanage combat, allocating power to personalize your attack/defence strategy, making combat a personal match of wits, or do you just like quick matches that can be over in minutes?)Non-Combat(You don't care about the combat. You like to write and you want to explore.)Mix(You appreciate both aspects of game play. You accept that the ship you love to write about may lose battles from time to time.)Alignment:FederatinnKlingonRomulanOther (specify)Ship name:Command crew:(You can stick to the TOS crew configuration of science officer, helm, navigator, communications officer, etc, or you can use the TNG idea of Operations Officer combining some duties.You can also customize your bridge crew configuration. You're the Captain)Note: unless you have something else in mind, all players in this stage of the game get a Heavy Cruiser to start. The 'something else in mind' I mentioned is if you decide you want a mission-specific ship like a scout or police ship, which is likely to be a frigate or destroyer. Just remember that you might be limiting yourself in a case like that. And don't be intimidated by the need to create a command crew. If you're a story-teller, you're used to this, but it isn't necessary to start. And if you're in it for pure combat, the command crew is recommended but not necessary.That is really all you need to start. I will happily walk any new players through the first few missions. If you are concerned that you don't have enough time to contribute, don't be. This game is as casual as you want. Exploring takes as much or as little time as you want. Write once a day or once a week. A hundred words or a thousand. The most intense level of this game, heavy combat takes a commitment of no more than one email a day. And even in that case, if you miss a day, it's forgivable. Even the moderator has a RL and the occasional computer issue. The game is turn-based. Combat results will be posted online daily. And if it still doesn't make sense, think of it like your favorite role-playing/writing group gathering for some table-top, Dungeons and Dragons-style game playing.Summary of Events:TNG Era:Captain Reggie Farrell reports an agreement in principle between Kazon-Ogla First Maje Jabin, Kazon-Oglamar Eeluk and Federation Ambassador Endara Khan on non-aggression between Federation forces and Ogla and Oglamar forces. The agreement includes limited cultural and humanitarian exchange. Final details have yet to be announced.Following reports of similar findings of two thousand year old human biomatter and Vulcan hull fragments in two locations in the Alpha Quadrant, the USS Guadalcanal has been ordered to transmit all data, including holographic data through the Durandal wormhole to Starfleet Command for study. The Guadalcanal has further been ordered to continue their survey of the Delta Quadrant and to ascertain the status of the Romulan Warbird Decius.The USS Lily Sloane reports that its probe passed through the subspace rift in the Coramonde system, but vanished seconds later. The last transmission of the probe contained hundreds of repititions of a single word that linguists believe may belong to an ancient Vulcan dialect. The data has been transmitted to Starfleet Command and the Vulcan Science Academy for further analysis.Starships USS Archer and USS Arizona report little change in the situation in the Triangle Zone that marks the convergence of Klingon, Romulan and Federation territory. They have attempted to appeal to passing Klingon ships to pull back, but so far have had no success. A Vulcan diplomatic team is preparing an approach to the Klingon Ambassador in an attempt to mediate a cease-fire before the fighting spreads.TOS Era:An unsubstantiated transmission originating from Klingon space reports the destruction of two Klingontaskforces well within Klingon space. This might add credence to Klingon accusations of a group of Federation starships destroying a Klingon freighter in the Morska sector. The same transmission stated that two 'Federation Battlecruisers' had been destroyed in the combat. 'Federation Battlecruiser' is the Klingon designation for a Constitution Class Heavy Cruiser.ENT Era:Starfleet Command has received a message packet, delivered by a Tellarite freighter, from Chalenger NX-07 detailing their journey thus far, and providing detailed starcharts and sensor readings. According to Captain Carpenter's logs, they have not had direct contact with any Romulan ships, either civilian or military.Columbia NX-02 is continuing to track a suspected Romulan vessel that recently attacked a ship in the Denobulan system.Yorktown NX-03 has been sent to investigate the disappearance of two Sloane Class light cruisers, which had in turn been investigating the disappearance of the EX-01 Roddenberry. The Sloane Class ships had been following an ion exhaust trail which may have been a clue to the disappearance of the Roddenberry.Command College"What Are Your Orders, Captain?"(TNG Era) "Too Much Information" ResolutionThe shuttlecraft Apollo followed a holo-presence probe through the planet's atmosphere, and maintained an altitude of 100 meters above the site of the downed USS Coramonde. As soon as the probe reached the surface, it began to transmit telemetry to the hovering shuttle. In the Agamemnon, the crew is forced to wait, as any data transmitted from the probe to the shuttle could conceivably contain contaminated material. Finally, several hours later, the computer on board the Apollo reports that the protected memory from the Coramonde has been downloaded and scanned for any alien or malicious data. It reveals bio and metallurgical scans of the biotech as it was drawn down to the surface. Stress readings from the impulse deck and hull reveal that the ship was being drawn down to the surface, and Captain Edward Hubble ordered maximum reverse impulse and warp power diverted to shields and the structural integrity field in an attempt to keep the ship intact as it came down. The power that brought it down was not revealed. Captain's logs stated that the ship had been pulled forward in time as it traveled through the rift, which was bathed in neutrinos. Finally, the bioscans confirmed the presence of human DNA in the biotech, while metallurgical scans revealed traces of Vulcan hull material quantum dated at two thousand years old. None of this adds to their knowledge of the biotech, but it does answer the question of time travel, and it goes a long way toward explaining the fate of the Coramonde.While the holo-presence probe was inside the Coramonde, it confirmed that there was no life left on the Coramonde except for the biotech, which seemed to have absorbed the crew, in much the same way that it attempted to absorb Lt. Keller. With the protected memory removed from the Coramonde, Captain Decker chooses to destroy the downed ship in order to prevent it from falling into unauthorized hands, and to remove the threat from the biotech infecting the ship. After confirming that there is no other life on the planet, Captain Decker orders the Coramonde targeted with photon torpedoes and destroyed.The Agamemnon breaks orbit from the unnamed planet, and Captain Decker orders the ship to return to the rift in the hope that they can safely return home. Once they arrive, she is relieved to discover that the rift is stable, and probes sent through show that it is safe to return. As the Agamemnon passes through, its scanners are unexpectedly inundated with line after line of signal code, repeating a single, indecipherable word that appears to be Vulcan in nature. As the science department struggles to shunt the data to auxiliary drives to stop the code from overwhelming the computer core, Captain Decker starts to wonder if this happened to the Coramonde at some point, and if the data will reveal the connection between the two thousand year old Vulcan hull material, the two thousand year old human DNA, and the dangerous biotech. Does the time travel phenomenon stretch back two thousand years, or were ancient Vulcans interacting with ancient humans. She doesn't doubt that the Vulcans can translate the code, but she also wonders if they would be happy to see or share information about what they were doing with human DNA two thousand years ago. She knows that she might hold the key to solving a mystery that spreads from the Alpha Quadrant to the Delta Quadrant, if only she handles it correctly...Due to the probable sensitivity of the subject matter, Captain Decker records a small portion of the data and deletes the rest, which consists of nothing but repititions of the same indecipherable word. Then she proceeds directly to Starfleet Command to physically hand the recording to Starfleet Command. She also reports on the fate of the USS Coramonde.(TOS Era) "Our Fleet's In Jeopardy"More than a month ago, the USS Xerxes completed a dangerous journey across Klingon space to investigate a loss of contact with the Federation outpost at Archer IV. It discovered that the outpost was still safe, but desperately needed reinforcing. Section 31 has dispatched a fleet to cross Klingon space to do just that. The fleet consisted of the Heavy Cruisers USS Nelson USS Halsey USS Farragut USS Churchill and USS Eisenhower. In the Morska sector, the fleet encountered and destroyed a Klingon freighter. In the Mempa sector, the fleet was faced with a full-sized Klingon task force. It was victorious, and no distress signal was sent to alert more Klingons. Unfortunately, during the battle, the Nelson sustained massive damage, requiring the fleet to remain in the sector for two days. Then, on its first day of waiting, another Klingon taskforce happened upon the fleet. The Klingons were again destroyed before they could get a signal out, but during the battle, the damaged Nelson was destroyed, and the Halsey was crippled. Again, the fleet will have to wait two days before the Halsey can continue the mission.Fleet Captain Tiberius is now faced with a diminished fleet and the real possibility of failing in his mission. Waiting in the Mempa sector for two more days seems to present the risk of losing yet another starship. They dare not leave the Halsey alone while they continue on, nor does it seem prudent to divide the fleet in order to guard the Halsey while it completes repairs. Also, requesting reinforcements would still require a two day wait since the closest starship is a day away from the neutral zone. Every possible alternative endangers the mission and the fleet.Choose what you think should be the next course of action, and write a brief summary.There are no predetermined right or wrong answers. Feel free to discuss the challenge with other players. Every player who submits an entry receives a "Command College Point". Ten of those equal an experience point. The most popular choice will determine the next step taken. If the next step involves combat, (to be determined by a 1d6 roll), I will post the results of that combat.Captain's Log(From last week) " this got started..."9) The Q entity (or other ultra-powerful being) causes mischief on the surface of the planet and in orbit.Class MAge: 3-10 billion yearsDiameter: 10,000-15,000 kmLocation: EcosphereSurface: Surface water abundant; if water covers more than 80%, planet is considered Class-O or Class-PAtmosphere: Nitrogen, oxygen, trace elementsLife forms: Extensive vegetation, animal life, humanoidsExample: Earth, Vulcan, Cardassia Prime(Ent Era) Columbia NX-02Captain Erika HernandezI'm not exactly sure how to explain all this, or to evenadequately express what happened. All I can do is try to start with how this got started and go from there. While investigating the apparent disappearance of a planet in the Tau Ceti system, we were suddenly scrambling to gather sensor readings as the planet reappeared. There were no obvious phenomenon to explain what had happened, and fortunately we had maintained a good distance from the planet's position, so the ship was never in danger. We made contact with authorities on the planet, and found that from their point of view, as well as all of their artificial satellites, there had never been any change in their situation. They even showed us sensor records of the Columbia in orbit during the time that the planet hadseemed to vanish. At that point, I decided to take a huttlepod down to investigate readings from the surface.However, as our shuttle dropped through the atmosphere, we suddenly found that the planet and the ship, and the rest of the system for that matter seemed to have disappeared. Then there was bright flash inside of the cabin, and the rest of my team was replaced with Captain Jonathon Archer. Captain Jonathon Archer of the Enterprise, currently in a completely different sector of space, almost a hundred lightyears away. Whoever it was that appeared in theshuttlepod never tried to convince me that he was Captain Archer, but rather launched, without prelude, into a passionate reading of what the linguistic banks later identified as Klingon love poetry. Just for the record, I contacted Jon after it was all over, and he confirmed (with a bemused chuckle) that he had not somehow transported himself across space into my shuttlepod to recite Klingon poetry. In any case, whoever it was finished his poetry reading andvanished with a flourish and another flash of light. The crew returned at the same time. We then completed our investigation, but unfortunately could find no explanation for the strange incident.(For Next Week: Expand the following into a log entry of at least 100 words. Members post answers to the yahoogroup or the 'comment' feature on the blogsite. Lurkers feel free to leave comments on the blogsite)"...a concept we never considered..."Developer's Diary:There's been more attention paid to the quadrant simple combat game this week, to add to Fantasy Trek's quick-play value. While Operation Reinforce is now being guided by the "What Are Your Orders, Captain?" feature, I decided to run a random sector assault with a Klingon CA, the DuranQo. The random 1d6 roll tells me what I'm facing, DEFSAT, frigate, light cruiser, heavy cruiser, dreadnought, or reusable shipyard for quick repairs. Once you find the shipyard you can always go back to it between combats. And of course, you only face each class once. I'm kind of enjoying the challenge of having to allocate points to offense and defense before I roll for the AI. It is definitely a challenge when you get an opponent even closely matched. In the round I'm playing now, I'm at full health, thanks to that shipyard, and I'm facing the dreadnought. If I get past that (which is a long-shot), it's a quick whack at the DEFSAT and all done. Quick update: The Dreadnought took out the DuranQo on the first volley. Oh well, that's one more ship in the Black Fleet. The only pain to the whole thing is the task of setting up the template. And that isn't much of a pain, unless you're on a palm pilot that just has an on-screen keyboard.

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Administrative Note: Promotion

A personal note: with the completion of mission four of DusaQ VeS, I've
attained 25 experience points, and "Elite" status. That means I start out
simple combat with 10 extra damage points. Boarding party action gets 3
extra d6 rolls, and heavy combat gets 10 hero points. Next highest is
"Legendary". at 50 experience points. Just for example, using no other
method, 250 more simple combat engagements would do it.

Fw: DusaQ VeS Exercise 4: "First Blood"


Accompany SuvwI Qeh battle group to Tal'Ihnor Gates system, intercept any
enemy craft fleeing the battle
100 word log

Player: Kapact (Veteran)

Stardate 0809.16 Command candidate Sompek, IKS tIHoy. I have the honor of
accompanying the SuvwI QeH battle group on a mission to investigate and rid
the Tal'Ihnor Gates system of the Sha'kurians. I have spent my fair share of
time in combat, even crawling across the hull of a ship in battle. making
emergency repairs. But now I am learning the honor and weight of commanding
a ship in battle. I am looking forward to it. We are part of the SuvwI Qeh
battle group, under the command of General Ko'pIH.
We arrived, cloaked, at the edge of the system. The General ordered me to
hold position at the outer edge of the system, along with the K'tinga class
light cruiser N'taka in order to intercept any Sha'kurians attempting to
flee the battle. My blood is calling to be in the thick of this battle, but
every part serves a purpose, and even warship commanders have to follow

Stardate 0809.18 Command candidate Sompek, IKS tIHoy. We arrived cloaked at
the outskirts of the Tal'Ihnor Gates nebula, alongside the N'taka. The rest
of the battle group remained cloaked and at warp. Our sensors registered
them dropping out of warp just before entering the nebula. I know from
experience that shields and sensors will be almost useless in the nebula.
The fight will be up close and very tough. That means that even the larger
ships in the battle group will be vulnerable to devastating attacks, and
there is little chance of many ships surviving to flee. But if any do, we'll
stop them.

We had been waiting for less than an hour when a massive explosion began in
the center of the nebula. I assumed that a capital ship had been destroyed,
but the explosion continued to grow, and gravimetric forces began to draw
the material of the nebula inward. Eventually, another explosion engulfed
the area, sending out waves of energetic plasma and planetary matter. The
captain of the N'taka and I decided to investigate. As we passed through
what should have been the outer edge of the nebula, we encountered a single
surviving Sha'kurian heavy cruiser. We wasted little time in claiming
vengeance against them.

Stardate 0809.18 IKS N'taka. IKS tIHoy vs SRS Knight

IKS N'taka rolls:24 24o/0d
IKS tIHoy rolls:8 8o/0d
SRS Knight rolls:20 0o/20d
IKS N'taka damage 0/22
IKS tIHoy damage 0/15
SRS Knight damage 12/15

IKS N'taka rolls:16 8o/8d
IKS tIHoy rolls:16 8o/8d
SRS Knight rolls:10 0o/10d
IKS N'taka damage 0/15
IKS tIHoy damage 0/22
SRS Knight destroyed

After a resounding howl for the warriors who died in the Tal'Ihnor Gates
nebula, we continued our investigation. We found what can only be described
as a subspace sinkhole. Whatever it is, another fleet will have to
investigate. With a heavy heart, we set course for Qo'noS and went to warp.

DusaQ VeS Chapter 04: First Blood

"Once you have determined your foe and your first objective, strike as if
your life, and the lives of all dear to you hung in the balance. For indeed,
they do. Remember, that defeat is not what truly endangers us. No, any
warrior understands that just as mere life is not victory, mere death is not
defeat. But what truly endangers us is the perception that we can be beaten.
That inferior forces can hurt us. That can not and must not be tolerated.
Confidence on the part of our enemies is the deadliest weapon that can be
weilded against us, just as fear is as a plague that kills us all from the
inside. And remember, there is a place in battle for all warriors. Sometimes
at the front, sometimes along the edge. All warriors, no matter their task,
serve a vital function."

Klingon Academy: Mission 02: Containment

IKS QuQVeS: B'rel, FF

Primary Objectives
Clear Regas System: USS Carver (Oberth, FF)

Clear Thaxius System USS Hernandez (Akula, DD)
Warp to Theta Omicron

Secondary Objectives
Respond to Distress Calls (Piachi System, Chuvon: B'rel Class FF vs Tian Nan
Man: Miranda, CL)
Call for Assistance (Thaxius System, IKS Yuthwl' Hech: K'Vort, DD)

Command candidate Kapact, IKS QuQVeS. B'rel class frigate.

IKS QuQVeS vs USS Carver

IKS QuQVeS rolls:28 28o/0d
USS Carver rolls:12 0o/12d
IKS QuQVeS damage 0/22
USS Carver destroyed

Our cloaked arrival in the Regas System was instrumental in clearing that
system. We detected the Oberth class frigate holding station near a
satellite of unknown function. We maintained a cloaked approach, decloaking
and firing only when we were at point blank range. The Carver's shields were
down, and our initial volley penetrated their warp core. The enemy was
destroyed immediately. We then destroyed the satellite and recloaked. Our
orders took us next to theThaxius System.

0809.17 Upon arrival in the Thaxius System, we detected the Akula class
destroyer USS Hernandez at extreme range. Rather than risking defeat by a
superior ship, I requested assistance. The K'vort class destroyer IKS
Yuthwl' Hech responded, and arrived shortly. We both launched a cloaked

(0809.17) IKS QuQVeS, IKS Yuthwl' Hech vs USS Hernandez

IKS QuQVeS rolls:12 12o/d
IKS Yuthwl' Hech rolls:20 20o/d
USS Hernandez rolls:12 0o/12d
IKS QuQVeS damage 0/22
IKS Yuthwl' Hech damage 0/22
USS Hernandez destroyed

As soon as the Hernandez was destroyed, we cloaked and had set course for
the Theta Omicron system when we received a distress signal from cadet
Jaghjech on the IKS Chuvon, in the Piachi system. Course was set and
executed immediately.

In the Piachi system, we found the Chuvon damaged and struggling to destroy
the USS Tian Nan Man. a Miranda class light cruiser. Fortunately for us, and
Jaghjech, the Tian Nan Man's aft shields were down, and it's hull integrity
was at fifty percent. I invited Jaghjech to join me in a cloaked attack on
the Tian Nan Man.

IKS QuQVeS rolls:16 0o/16d
IKS Chuvon rolls:24 0o/24d
USS Tian Nan Man rolls:32 32o(QuQVeS)/0d
IKS QuQVeS damage 8/22
IKS Chuvon damage 8/15
USS Tian Nan Man damage 9/15

IKS QuQVeS rolls:8 8o/d
IKS Chuvon rolls:24 24o/d
USS Tian Nan Man rolls:32 0o/32d
IKS QuQVeS damage 8/22
IKS Chuvon damage 8/15
USS Tian Nan Man damage 9/15

IKS QuQVeS rolls:8 0o/8d
IKS Chuvon rolls:16 0o/16d
USS Tian Nan Man rolls:8 0o/8d
IKS QuQVeS damage 8/22
IKS Chuvon damage 8/15
USS Tian Nan Man damage 9/15

IKS QuQVeS rolls:16 0o/16d
IKS Chuvon rolls:20 0o/20d
USS Tian Nan Man rolls:24 0o/24d
IKS QuQVeS damage 8/22
IKS Chuvon damage /15
USS Tian Nan Man destroyed

Outgunned as we were, we were victorious after a desperate battle. Battered
but victorious, we both cloaked and set course for the Theta Omicron system.

Dev notes: For the cloaked attack, the QuQVeS gets to add 8 points post
multiplier on the first volley. Aside from that, normal rules apply. As it
turns out, a cloaked attack is no guarantee of victory. In this setting, the
victory over the Tian Nan Man took three attempts and a lot of luck. Next
time I play this, I'll have the Yuthwl' Hech join me in the Piachi system.

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Klingon Academy (TMP Era) Mission 01: Unto the Breach

Beta-Ceti system
Primary Objectives
Destroy Monitoring Station
Cripple Probe Net
Destroy USS Banting (FF)
Maintain Element of Surprise
Defend Jamming Cruiser

Secondary Objectives
Scan Probe Net

Player: Kapact (veteran)

Cadet Kapact: As a student of the Klingon Defense Force's Elite Command
Academy, I am one of a hundred students taking part in a simulated war
against the Federation. We are being led by the Empire's greatest living
warrior, General Chang. It is his mission to make sure that the Empire's
warship commanders are in that position because of their ability to command
rather than their position in our society. Graduation will result in
immediate posting as a warship commander. I am eager to get started.

I have been assigned to the B'rel class IKS QuQVeS. Our mission is to
follow the jamming cruiser huy'e'ghong in as it allows us to penetrate the
Federation sensor net on their side of the neutral zone. Once the field is
jammed, we will be signalled that it is safe to proceed. Then we will
cripple the sensor net by destroying the prime probes that control the
others. We are also to destroy the NZ-027 monitoring station. Other cadets
are carrying out similar missions along the Federation border in order to
open up a wide passage for our fleet.

The QuQVeS arrived cloaked in the Beta-Ceti system, and waited while the
jamming cruiser went to work. It was an uneasy wait, but finally we were
cleared to attack.

We began to scan the probes, one by one, until we had identified the first.
Then I ordered the rest of the field scanned so that we could identify all
six prime probes. As we were scanning the probes, we were advised that the
jamming was in place, and we were cleared to attack. At the same time, we
detected the monitoring station 8,000 kellikams to port. It was a plain,
uninspiring installation set into a asteroid. Remaining cloaked, we closed
on the station. At 5,000 kellikams, we decloaked and attacked. Possessing
limited shields and no offensive capabilities, it was not a worthy opponent.
We then began to approachthe sensor net. Once we had destroyed the first
prime probe, we detected the USS Banting, an Oberth class escort warping
into the system. We attacked immediately, focusing on the ship's impulse

IKS QuQVeS rolls:20 20o/d
USS Banting rolls:12 0o/12d
IKS QuQVeS damage 0/22
USS Banting damage 8/15

IKS QuQVeS rolls:20 0o/20d
USS Banting rolls:12 0o/12d
IKS QuQVeS damage 0/22
USS Banting damage 8/15

IKS QuQVeS rolls:24 24o/0d
USS Banting rolls:20 0o/20d
IKS QuQVeS damage 0/22
USS Banting damage 12/15

IKS QuQVeS rolls:4 0o/4d
USS Banting rolls:20 20o/d
IKS QuQVeS damage 16/22
USS Banting damage 12/15

IKS QuQVeS rolls:16 16o/0d
USS Banting rolls:8 0o/8d
IKS QuQVeS damage 16/22
USS Banting destroyed

The battle was more of a challenge than I anticipated, but our superior
weapons and armor eventually overwhelmed the enemy. Then it was a simple
matter of clearing out the remaining probes. Once that was finished, we
warped back to base.

Developer's Notes: Klingon Academy For Fantasy Trek

At the same time that I work through the TNG Era version, DusaQ VeS, I'm
also working through all 25 levels of the original, TMP version. You'll find
simplified combat rules for cloaked attack and Tholian webs. Whenever I've
used a new rule, I'll explain it in a dev note at the end of the mission.
You might wonder why I'm bothering. For one thing, until recently, I was
having trouble running Klingon Academy on my XP system. The problem is since
solved, but I'd put some prep work in already anyway, so I'm continuing. It
is also a bit of a testbed for the expanded simple combat table, and the
long campaign (aside from pushing me over the top into the 'Elite' rating)
will be good practice for the "Enterprise: Xindi" expansion pack.


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New Simple Combat Table

I've created an expanded simple combat table, including ship classes that
will come into play as I use the Fantasy Trek simple combat engine to run
through the Klingon Academy missons. Not to be confused with DusaQ VeS, my
TNG Era Klingon Academy. Here is the new simple combat table:

2 (DS) Defense Sat X1
3 (FF) Frigate X4
4 (DD) DestroyerX6
5 (CL) Light Cruiser X8
6 (CA) Heavy Cruiser X10
7 (CC) Command Cruiser X12
8 (HCA) Heavy Battlecruiser X15
9 (DN) Dreadnought X20
10 (BB) Battleship X22
11 (CV)Carrier X25
12 (STB )Starbase X50/(BS)Base Station X75 (reroll, 50/50 chance )

DusaQ VeS Mission Three "Analysis" Stardate 0809.13 IKS tIHoy Command candidate Sompek at Qo'noS Starbase

The device that we brought back to Qo'noS Starbase is a copy of a Romulan
device used more than a century ago to destroy the Tal'Ihnor Gates system.
The device, originally used to attenuate gravitational fields, was detonated
near a black hole, resulting in the destruction of the system. A nebula is
all that remains.

The device that we recovered appears to have been built by Sha'kurian forces
with exotic material not found in the Empire. Imperial Intelligence has
begun an extensive examination of the device, as well as an unusual effect
that it had on the tIHoy's cargo hold. I am eager to recover my ship from
them and return to Tal'Ihnor Gates to pursue these Ha'dibaH to their lair.
It seems certain that the Pok'tarl battle group happened upon them at work,
and was lost as a result.

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Klingon Academy/DusaQ VeS

What is DusaQ Ves, and what does it have to do with Klingon Academy? DusaQ VeS, which roughly translates as Klingon War College, is the Klingon Defence Force's Elite Command Academy, reintroduced to the 24th Century. If you'd like to follow the progress of the course, as I playtest it, just do a site search for DusaQ VeS. The only problem, of course, is that blogger lists them as most recent first....

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Stardate 0809.08 IKS Ab'Qaff ChaHom System Debris Field

Our investigation of the debris field in this system shows many similarities to the debris field in the waHom system. We have found, amongst the debris, evidence of explosive decompression and what we are certain is exotic weapons signatures. There was obviously a great confict fought here, most likely two thousand years ago. The presence of Vulcan hull material and human DNA points to a conflict that our Vulcan allies will no doubt be reluctant to shed light on. I am going to begin an investigation, with the aim of not only learning more about the conflict, but possibly the weapons used, with an aim of possibly recreating them.

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DusaQ VeS: Chapter One: Intelligence Gathering Stardate Combat Phase: 0809.07

Stardate 0809.07 IKS tI'Hoy rolls:24 13o/11d
SRS Frigate rolls:8 0o/8d
IKS tI'Hoy damage 0/22
SRS Frigate damage 5/15

SRS Frigate shields down. Commence transport six boarding parties vs SRS
Frigate's five:

Boarding Party Action Worksheet

a)5 a1)1 .winner: a
b)1, f)5 b1)5 .winner: b
c)2 c1)4 .winner: c1
d)4 d1)3 .winner: d
e)3 e1)1 .winner: e

Sha'kurian defences subdued. Scans of hold reveal unknown device with strong subspace energy signature. Executive officer K'tanga transported the device back to our hold. As he began to downloaded the contents of the computer core, an anti-intrusion system activated the ship's self-destruct system and wiped the core clean. Rather than risking losing the boarding party and
gaining no intelligence, I ordered them to return. As soon as the team returned to the tI'Hoy, the destruct sequence stopped, and the ship restored shields. Seconds later, we detected an increase in their warp coil emissions, indicating they were preparing to go to warp. I ordered all weapons to fire on the frigate. It was destroyed quickly, with little resistance. After determining that no distress signal was sent and no other ships in the area, we cloaked and warped out of the system.

DusaQ VeS: Exercise 1: Intelligence Gathering (0809.05)

Player: Kapact (Veteran)

Log Entry:
(0809.05) Command candidate Sompek assuming command of the tI'Hoy.

My transport to the tI'Hoy was abrupt, and without the ceremony that I had imagined for my first command. The crew is obedient, but I have had no chance to get to know them. It also occurs to me that the tI'Hoy might be part of the simulation. I do not know, but I must assume that it as well as the crew and the mission are real. My first order was to cloak the ship. If the Pok'tarl battle group was destroyed, we must assume that the enemy is still in the area. And any enemy capable of destroying a battle group will make short work of the tI'Hoy. And if my first command mission results in no combat victory but the acquistion of vital intelligence, I'll be satisfied with that.

We arrived cloaked on the edge of the nebula and discovered that visual scans were degraded, and sensor readings impossible throughout the area due to unexplained subspace interference. By focusing visual scanners on small areas in the nebula, we eventually discovered a ship, of approximately the same size of the tI'Hoy just inside the nebula. More detailed scans were
impossible. The ship's science officer determined that by using warp power, we could match sensors to ECM to scan inside the nebula without being detected. That resulted in our determining that it was a Sha'kurian frigate of unknown designation. Unfortunately, the use of ship's power alerted the target to our presence. We are now approaching the ship's position at half impulse. The objective in this case is to bring its shields down and obtain whatever intelligence we can. Combat logs to follow.

DusaQ VeS Chapter 1 : "Intelligence Gathering": Summary and Objectives

Course is immediately suspended to investigate loss of contact with 12 ship Pok'tarl Battle Group in Tal'Ihnor Gates nebula. Cadet is given command of B'rel class frigate. Proceed to Tal'Ihnor Gates system undetected, conduct visual scan to covertly assess situation.

Log Entry:

Write log to match chapter summary. Arrive in system. Visual scans are useless. Science officer determines that by using warp power, you can match sensors to ECM to scan inside nebula. Roll 1d6. From result, use table:
Roll 1= ship your size
Roll 2= ship your size, minimal energy signature
Roll 3= ship your size, minimal energy signature, lifeforms
Roll 4= Shakurian frigate, minimal energy signature, five life forms
Roll 5= Shakurian frigate, minimal energy signature, five life forms, impulse failure
Roll 6= Shakurian frigate, minimal energy signature, five life forms, impulse failure, odd energy signature.
In any case, your actions will result in the ship detecting you and moving to investigate.

1) Frigate captured, energy signature retrieved. Cadet must board, use boarding party action to capture frigate.
2) Upon retrieval, Shakurian Captain starts self-destruct. Beam off of ship. Destruct sequence aborted, impulse engines coming back on line. Roll 1d6:
1-3= you successfully destroy frigate and escape. 4-6= you must use simple
combat to destroy frigate before leaving.
3) 100 word log entry to complete chapter.

DusaQ VeS: Briefing One: Intelligence Gathering

"It is easy to dismiss the lessons of the past, my brother. Far too easy. And though we may not be brothers or sisters by blood, we are by heritage. We are all sons and daughters of Kahless. We are all brothers and sisters and proud protectors of an Empire who's likes the galaxy has never seen. Every warrior feels the call to battle. That is why we are here. But too many have been lost because they rushed headlong into battle unprepared. Just as you would not weild your bat'leth without first sharpening the blade, nor would a wise Commander attack an enemy without learning everything possible about their foe. Your blade may be sharp, your ship battle worthy and your crew trained to perfection, but if you lack that most vital of weapons, accurate intelligence, you will surely fail, and die forgotten by friend and foe alike. Know your enemy and you shall always be victorious. Prepare for every-"
"This course has been suspended, cadet. You are hereby temporarily given command of the B'rel class frigate IKS tI'Hoy with the provisional rank of captain. Proceed to the Tal'Ihnor Gates system and investigate the disappearance of the Pok'tarl battle group. Remember, Captain, you must approach wih stealth until conditions can be ascertained. And your primary mission is to obtain intelligence and return it to the Empire. There is no time for ceremony or formal change of command. Prepare for transport to the tI'Hoy. Qapla!"

DusaQ Ves.....

The Elite Command Academy (otherwise known as Klingon Academy) is reborn for Fantasy Trek....