Friday, August 7, 2009

DusaQ VeS: Exercise 1: Intelligence Gathering (0809.05)

Player: Kapact (Veteran)

Log Entry:
(0809.05) Command candidate Sompek assuming command of the tI'Hoy.

My transport to the tI'Hoy was abrupt, and without the ceremony that I had imagined for my first command. The crew is obedient, but I have had no chance to get to know them. It also occurs to me that the tI'Hoy might be part of the simulation. I do not know, but I must assume that it as well as the crew and the mission are real. My first order was to cloak the ship. If the Pok'tarl battle group was destroyed, we must assume that the enemy is still in the area. And any enemy capable of destroying a battle group will make short work of the tI'Hoy. And if my first command mission results in no combat victory but the acquistion of vital intelligence, I'll be satisfied with that.

We arrived cloaked on the edge of the nebula and discovered that visual scans were degraded, and sensor readings impossible throughout the area due to unexplained subspace interference. By focusing visual scanners on small areas in the nebula, we eventually discovered a ship, of approximately the same size of the tI'Hoy just inside the nebula. More detailed scans were
impossible. The ship's science officer determined that by using warp power, we could match sensors to ECM to scan inside the nebula without being detected. That resulted in our determining that it was a Sha'kurian frigate of unknown designation. Unfortunately, the use of ship's power alerted the target to our presence. We are now approaching the ship's position at half impulse. The objective in this case is to bring its shields down and obtain whatever intelligence we can. Combat logs to follow.

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