Saturday, August 15, 2009

Klingon Academy (TMP Era) Mission 01: Unto the Breach

Beta-Ceti system
Primary Objectives
Destroy Monitoring Station
Cripple Probe Net
Destroy USS Banting (FF)
Maintain Element of Surprise
Defend Jamming Cruiser

Secondary Objectives
Scan Probe Net

Player: Kapact (veteran)

Cadet Kapact: As a student of the Klingon Defense Force's Elite Command
Academy, I am one of a hundred students taking part in a simulated war
against the Federation. We are being led by the Empire's greatest living
warrior, General Chang. It is his mission to make sure that the Empire's
warship commanders are in that position because of their ability to command
rather than their position in our society. Graduation will result in
immediate posting as a warship commander. I am eager to get started.

I have been assigned to the B'rel class IKS QuQVeS. Our mission is to
follow the jamming cruiser huy'e'ghong in as it allows us to penetrate the
Federation sensor net on their side of the neutral zone. Once the field is
jammed, we will be signalled that it is safe to proceed. Then we will
cripple the sensor net by destroying the prime probes that control the
others. We are also to destroy the NZ-027 monitoring station. Other cadets
are carrying out similar missions along the Federation border in order to
open up a wide passage for our fleet.

The QuQVeS arrived cloaked in the Beta-Ceti system, and waited while the
jamming cruiser went to work. It was an uneasy wait, but finally we were
cleared to attack.

We began to scan the probes, one by one, until we had identified the first.
Then I ordered the rest of the field scanned so that we could identify all
six prime probes. As we were scanning the probes, we were advised that the
jamming was in place, and we were cleared to attack. At the same time, we
detected the monitoring station 8,000 kellikams to port. It was a plain,
uninspiring installation set into a asteroid. Remaining cloaked, we closed
on the station. At 5,000 kellikams, we decloaked and attacked. Possessing
limited shields and no offensive capabilities, it was not a worthy opponent.
We then began to approachthe sensor net. Once we had destroyed the first
prime probe, we detected the USS Banting, an Oberth class escort warping
into the system. We attacked immediately, focusing on the ship's impulse

IKS QuQVeS rolls:20 20o/d
USS Banting rolls:12 0o/12d
IKS QuQVeS damage 0/22
USS Banting damage 8/15

IKS QuQVeS rolls:20 0o/20d
USS Banting rolls:12 0o/12d
IKS QuQVeS damage 0/22
USS Banting damage 8/15

IKS QuQVeS rolls:24 24o/0d
USS Banting rolls:20 0o/20d
IKS QuQVeS damage 0/22
USS Banting damage 12/15

IKS QuQVeS rolls:4 0o/4d
USS Banting rolls:20 20o/d
IKS QuQVeS damage 16/22
USS Banting damage 12/15

IKS QuQVeS rolls:16 16o/0d
USS Banting rolls:8 0o/8d
IKS QuQVeS damage 16/22
USS Banting destroyed

The battle was more of a challenge than I anticipated, but our superior
weapons and armor eventually overwhelmed the enemy. Then it was a simple
matter of clearing out the remaining probes. Once that was finished, we
warped back to base.

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