Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Fw: DusaQ VeS Exercise 4: "First Blood"


Accompany SuvwI Qeh battle group to Tal'Ihnor Gates system, intercept any
enemy craft fleeing the battle
100 word log

Player: Kapact (Veteran)

Stardate 0809.16 Command candidate Sompek, IKS tIHoy. I have the honor of
accompanying the SuvwI QeH battle group on a mission to investigate and rid
the Tal'Ihnor Gates system of the Sha'kurians. I have spent my fair share of
time in combat, even crawling across the hull of a ship in battle. making
emergency repairs. But now I am learning the honor and weight of commanding
a ship in battle. I am looking forward to it. We are part of the SuvwI Qeh
battle group, under the command of General Ko'pIH.
We arrived, cloaked, at the edge of the system. The General ordered me to
hold position at the outer edge of the system, along with the K'tinga class
light cruiser N'taka in order to intercept any Sha'kurians attempting to
flee the battle. My blood is calling to be in the thick of this battle, but
every part serves a purpose, and even warship commanders have to follow

Stardate 0809.18 Command candidate Sompek, IKS tIHoy. We arrived cloaked at
the outskirts of the Tal'Ihnor Gates nebula, alongside the N'taka. The rest
of the battle group remained cloaked and at warp. Our sensors registered
them dropping out of warp just before entering the nebula. I know from
experience that shields and sensors will be almost useless in the nebula.
The fight will be up close and very tough. That means that even the larger
ships in the battle group will be vulnerable to devastating attacks, and
there is little chance of many ships surviving to flee. But if any do, we'll
stop them.

We had been waiting for less than an hour when a massive explosion began in
the center of the nebula. I assumed that a capital ship had been destroyed,
but the explosion continued to grow, and gravimetric forces began to draw
the material of the nebula inward. Eventually, another explosion engulfed
the area, sending out waves of energetic plasma and planetary matter. The
captain of the N'taka and I decided to investigate. As we passed through
what should have been the outer edge of the nebula, we encountered a single
surviving Sha'kurian heavy cruiser. We wasted little time in claiming
vengeance against them.

Stardate 0809.18 IKS N'taka. IKS tIHoy vs SRS Knight

IKS N'taka rolls:24 24o/0d
IKS tIHoy rolls:8 8o/0d
SRS Knight rolls:20 0o/20d
IKS N'taka damage 0/22
IKS tIHoy damage 0/15
SRS Knight damage 12/15

IKS N'taka rolls:16 8o/8d
IKS tIHoy rolls:16 8o/8d
SRS Knight rolls:10 0o/10d
IKS N'taka damage 0/15
IKS tIHoy damage 0/22
SRS Knight destroyed

After a resounding howl for the warriors who died in the Tal'Ihnor Gates
nebula, we continued our investigation. We found what can only be described
as a subspace sinkhole. Whatever it is, another fleet will have to
investigate. With a heavy heart, we set course for Qo'noS and went to warp.

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