Friday, August 7, 2009

DusaQ VeS: Chapter One: Intelligence Gathering Stardate Combat Phase: 0809.07

Stardate 0809.07 IKS tI'Hoy rolls:24 13o/11d
SRS Frigate rolls:8 0o/8d
IKS tI'Hoy damage 0/22
SRS Frigate damage 5/15

SRS Frigate shields down. Commence transport six boarding parties vs SRS
Frigate's five:

Boarding Party Action Worksheet

a)5 a1)1 .winner: a
b)1, f)5 b1)5 .winner: b
c)2 c1)4 .winner: c1
d)4 d1)3 .winner: d
e)3 e1)1 .winner: e

Sha'kurian defences subdued. Scans of hold reveal unknown device with strong subspace energy signature. Executive officer K'tanga transported the device back to our hold. As he began to downloaded the contents of the computer core, an anti-intrusion system activated the ship's self-destruct system and wiped the core clean. Rather than risking losing the boarding party and
gaining no intelligence, I ordered them to return. As soon as the team returned to the tI'Hoy, the destruct sequence stopped, and the ship restored shields. Seconds later, we detected an increase in their warp coil emissions, indicating they were preparing to go to warp. I ordered all weapons to fire on the frigate. It was destroyed quickly, with little resistance. After determining that no distress signal was sent and no other ships in the area, we cloaked and warped out of the system.

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