Saturday, August 15, 2009

Developer's Notes: Klingon Academy For Fantasy Trek

At the same time that I work through the TNG Era version, DusaQ VeS, I'm
also working through all 25 levels of the original, TMP version. You'll find
simplified combat rules for cloaked attack and Tholian webs. Whenever I've
used a new rule, I'll explain it in a dev note at the end of the mission.
You might wonder why I'm bothering. For one thing, until recently, I was
having trouble running Klingon Academy on my XP system. The problem is since
solved, but I'd put some prep work in already anyway, so I'm continuing. It
is also a bit of a testbed for the expanded simple combat table, and the
long campaign (aside from pushing me over the top into the 'Elite' rating)
will be good practice for the "Enterprise: Xindi" expansion pack.


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