Wednesday, August 19, 2009

DusaQ VeS Chapter 04: First Blood

"Once you have determined your foe and your first objective, strike as if
your life, and the lives of all dear to you hung in the balance. For indeed,
they do. Remember, that defeat is not what truly endangers us. No, any
warrior understands that just as mere life is not victory, mere death is not
defeat. But what truly endangers us is the perception that we can be beaten.
That inferior forces can hurt us. That can not and must not be tolerated.
Confidence on the part of our enemies is the deadliest weapon that can be
weilded against us, just as fear is as a plague that kills us all from the
inside. And remember, there is a place in battle for all warriors. Sometimes
at the front, sometimes along the edge. All warriors, no matter their task,
serve a vital function."

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