Friday, August 7, 2009

DusaQ VeS: Briefing One: Intelligence Gathering

"It is easy to dismiss the lessons of the past, my brother. Far too easy. And though we may not be brothers or sisters by blood, we are by heritage. We are all sons and daughters of Kahless. We are all brothers and sisters and proud protectors of an Empire who's likes the galaxy has never seen. Every warrior feels the call to battle. That is why we are here. But too many have been lost because they rushed headlong into battle unprepared. Just as you would not weild your bat'leth without first sharpening the blade, nor would a wise Commander attack an enemy without learning everything possible about their foe. Your blade may be sharp, your ship battle worthy and your crew trained to perfection, but if you lack that most vital of weapons, accurate intelligence, you will surely fail, and die forgotten by friend and foe alike. Know your enemy and you shall always be victorious. Prepare for every-"
"This course has been suspended, cadet. You are hereby temporarily given command of the B'rel class frigate IKS tI'Hoy with the provisional rank of captain. Proceed to the Tal'Ihnor Gates system and investigate the disappearance of the Pok'tarl battle group. Remember, Captain, you must approach wih stealth until conditions can be ascertained. And your primary mission is to obtain intelligence and return it to the Empire. There is no time for ceremony or formal change of command. Prepare for transport to the tI'Hoy. Qapla!"

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