Friday, August 14, 2009

New Simple Combat Table

I've created an expanded simple combat table, including ship classes that
will come into play as I use the Fantasy Trek simple combat engine to run
through the Klingon Academy missons. Not to be confused with DusaQ VeS, my
TNG Era Klingon Academy. Here is the new simple combat table:

2 (DS) Defense Sat X1
3 (FF) Frigate X4
4 (DD) DestroyerX6
5 (CL) Light Cruiser X8
6 (CA) Heavy Cruiser X10
7 (CC) Command Cruiser X12
8 (HCA) Heavy Battlecruiser X15
9 (DN) Dreadnought X20
10 (BB) Battleship X22
11 (CV)Carrier X25
12 (STB )Starbase X50/(BS)Base Station X75 (reroll, 50/50 chance )

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