Friday, August 14, 2009

DusaQ VeS Mission Three "Analysis" Stardate 0809.13 IKS tIHoy Command candidate Sompek at Qo'noS Starbase

The device that we brought back to Qo'noS Starbase is a copy of a Romulan
device used more than a century ago to destroy the Tal'Ihnor Gates system.
The device, originally used to attenuate gravitational fields, was detonated
near a black hole, resulting in the destruction of the system. A nebula is
all that remains.

The device that we recovered appears to have been built by Sha'kurian forces
with exotic material not found in the Empire. Imperial Intelligence has
begun an extensive examination of the device, as well as an unusual effect
that it had on the tIHoy's cargo hold. I am eager to recover my ship from
them and return to Tal'Ihnor Gates to pursue these Ha'dibaH to their lair.
It seems certain that the Pok'tarl battle group happened upon them at work,
and was lost as a result.

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