Sunday, January 27, 2008

Captain's Log Stardate 0108.27 USS Guadalcanal, Gamma Serpentis Sector

Captain's Log, Stardate 0108.27. Captain Murphy recording. Gamma Serpentis
system. We managed to make up a bit more time today, and in fact managed to
bring up a long range sensor image of the Xena planetoid that kept Sargon
busy. We're also expecting a science data packet soon, consisting of a
preliminary analysis of the initial survey we conducted of Xena when we
first encountered it.

Warship Log Stardate 0108.27 IKS DuranQo, in Draylon Sector (TOS Map)

Warship Log, Stardate 0108.27. Captain Korvus recording. In the second day
of our enforced three-day layover in the outskirts of the Capella system, we
detected two ships moving in and out of the system. The first was a small
ship that we are guessing was a Klingon scout ship. It orbitted the planet
for a very short time before heading away. A few hours later, a larger ship
appeared that was, according to computer records of the time, was the USS
Enterprise. While the idea of doing battle with Kirk makes my blood sing, I
count myself and my ship lucky that we remained undetected.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Captain's Log Stardate 0108.23 USS Guadalcanal, Dener Kaitos Sector

Captain's Log, Stardate 0108.23. Captain Murphy recording. Sigma Draconis
system. We picked up a distress signal from a Vulcan civilian craft.
According to the owner, Solok, problems developed in the warp core that
added unsustainable stress to the space frame. We were in a position of
having to rescue the ship, the Gol, while not losing too much time on our
mission to catch the rogue planet Xena. After matching velocity and pulling
up alongside the Gol, Chief Engineer Goddard was able to wrap our warp
bubble around the other craft. At that point we were able to effect repairs
to the Gol's warp core and space frame. After he moved out on his own steam,
Solok expressed his gratitude and promised to return home for more thorough
checks and repairs. We managed to make up the very short time that we'd lost
in helping out Solok.

Warship Log Stardate 0108.23 IKS DuranQo, in Draylon Sector (TOS Map)

Warship Log, Stardate 0108.23. Captain Korvus recording. In the first day of
our enforced three-day layover in the outskirts of the Capella system, we
were detected and engaged by the Federation Light Cruiser USS Entebbe. There
was no chance to avoid combat, and the valiant ship was destroyed with all
hands. Combat proceeded as follows:

Light Cruiser USS Entebbe (Multiplier X4)
Heavy Cruiser IKS DuranQo (Multiplier X5)

USS Entebbe rolls 36 . Allocation: 18,18
IKS DuranQo rolls 20 . Allocation: 2, 18

USS Entebbe: 15
IKS DuranQo: 15

USS Entebbe rolls 24. Allocation: 12,12
IKS DuranQo rolls 45. Allocation: 33, 12

USS Entebbe: Destroyed
IKS DuranQo: Undamaged

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Captain's Log Stardate 0108.20 USS Guadalcanal, Mizar Sector

Captain's Log, Stardate 0108.20. Captain Murphy recording. One of the more
frustrating aspects of the space/time compression is the fact that according
to the ship's chronometer, we've just spent the last eleven days crossing a
sector that we should have done in two. There is no other measurable side
effect, and Starbase 621 advises that Starfleet monitoring stations show
that we haven't lost any time in our pursuit of the rogue planet designated

Sargon showed his face as we passed through the Mizar system, which boasts
five stars. We launched a long term observation probe to monitor the unique
properties of that system. I wouldn't mind having the opportunity to stick
around and do a full scientific survey. Maybe next time. After all, the
mission we're on came about because we happened upon Xena during the search
for the missing convoy. Who knows what we'll find if we get a chance to come
back to Mizar.

Warship Log Stardate 0108.20 IKS DuranQo, in Draylon Sector (TOS Map)

Warship Log, Stardate 0108.20. Captain Korvus recording. We entered the
fringes of the Arachnid nebula, and found our speed reduced by half. This
nebula presents a particular danger to us, owing to several factors. Our
cloak is subject to failing in here, and even if it does not fail, other
ships happening to pass nearby might note visual evidence of our existence
as we move through the thick gasses and debris in here. That very debris
also poses a threat to our hull, weakened as it is by our journey. For all
that, the nebula is safer than the space nearby. Therein lies the Capella
system, heavily disputed by the Empire and the Federation of this era.
Again, I find myself forced to hide rather than facing my enemies. It is
distasteful, but I have to do more than just die with honor. I must lead my
crew with a steady hand through troubled and uncharted waters.

Supplemental entry:
An unexplained explosion in the nebula put our cloak offline, and damaged
the impulse deck. When microfractures began to form along the hull, we were
forced to leave the relative safety of the nebula. We are now within sensor
range of the contested Capella system, and unable to move for three days. If
any ship happens upon us, we will be in for the fight of our lives.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Captain's Log Stardate 0108.11 USS Guadalcanal, Bajor Sector

Captain's Log, Stardate 0108.11. Captain Murphy recording. We passed through
the Kalandra system at maximum warp, just slowing long enough to note a
space/time compression 'ripple' passing through the Draygo system. The
android Sargon is spending every minute of the trip in the cargo bay
examining the equipment for the Magellan outpost.

The Klingon/Federation task force searching for the DuranQo passed us in the
Kalandra system as well, heading towards Tzenkethi space. That is the
general direction that the unidentified craft that attacked DS9 came from,
as well as, possibly, the space/time compression. Captain Korvus would
probably rather be in StoVoKor than at the middle of a mystery. We can only
hope that both don't apply. If it is determined, or even strongly believed
that a Klingon ship was destroyed while deep within Federation space, things
could get extremely tense.

Warship Log Stardate 0108.11 IKS DuranQo, in Caldic Sector (TOS Map)

Warship Log, Stardate 0108.11. Captain Korvus recording. In the Draygo
system. Slipping further into enemy territory, we are effectively blind as
long as we remain cloaked. Extreme long range sensors showed a moving blip
from the general direction of the Kalandra system. We continued along our
course, and I must admit to being relieved when the blip continued along on
its course, which would take it into Tzenkethi space. There was no
indication of communications to or from the craft. If any craft detects us
and communicates our existence, we will certainly find ourselves facing a
wall of Federation starships. And then, our only hope will be a good death,
and eternal battle in StoVoKor.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Captain's Log Stardate 0108.07 USS Guadalcanal, Bajor Sector

Captain's Log, Stardate 0108.07. Captain Murphy recording. We have spent the
last several days searching in vain for the IKS DuranQo, which vanished
while departing the Bajor system. A fleet of Klingon ships is enroute, along
with a Federation escort, to conduct a more extensive search. In the
meantime, we've beamed up a modular science outpost for the android Sargon
and his Magellan Project on the rogue planet Xena. Aside from a great deal
of monitoring equipment, he's got a small matter/antimatter reactor, an
industrial replicator capable of creating thousands of simple data
communication relays, and a type 2 shuttlepod. We hope to intercept the Xena
planetoid in the Omega Sagittarii system. That is time critical, because
after that, Xena begins a turn that will bring it into Romulan Space. And
while the Romulans haven't objected to Sargon's presence on Xena as it
passes through their space, they won't agree to a Galaxy Class ship doing
the same thing.

Warship Log Stardate 0108.07 IKS DuranQo, in Bajor Sector (TOS Map)

Warship Log, Stardate 1107.30. Captain Korvus recording. In the Koralis
system. So far, our cloak has kept us undetected. We have discovered,
however, that much like primitive 23rd century Romulan cloaks, ours seems to
be blinding us to all but a simple motion sensor. Since we cannot wait where
we are (where expanding Cardassians will eventually discover us), we must
push blindly through the bulk of enemy territory.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Warship Log Stardate 0108.03 IKS DuranQo, near Cardassian Space

Warship Log, Stardate 0108.03. Captain Korvus recording. Due to a
spatial/temporal compression wave, the DuranQo has been thrown back in time
to the mid 23rd Century. As soon as we were aware of our situation we
cloaked and went on high alert. We are in enemy territory. The Cardassians
of this era are even less honorable than their 24th Century counterparts,
and in this time their empire is fragmented and hungry. According to our
records, they are many years away from conflict with the Federation. And
what of the Federation?

I have no love for the Federation, treaty or not, but they are honorable in
their own way, and despite my instincts, I will not carve a path of
destruction through their space. Nor will I use my superior ship to hunt
down and slaughter James T Kirk. That would be dishonorable. While I have a
long and dangerous mission through Federation space, I will attempt to make
the journey back to Klingon space cloaked, in an attempt to avoid conflict
that could alter the timeline. If we are discovered, we will be attacked,
and in that case we will fight back.

There is also the question of what we will do when we return to the Empire.
The Empire of this time is different. They would certainly take advantage of
our advanced technology to destroy the Federation. And while the idea is not
completely objectionable, I am convinced that the change to the timeline
would be disastrous. So I will have to find a solution. Hopefully we will be
able to return to our own time in the relative safety of the 23rd Century
Empire without having to wrestle with the timeline.

Supplemental log entry. The bad news has gotten worse. The chief engineer
informs me that our passage through the compression wave damaged our
tactical and defense systems. Our combat effectiveness has rendered us the
equivalent of a 23rd Century heavy cruiser. So we don't have the advanced
technology we might have needed to survive this.