Friday, January 11, 2008

Captain's Log Stardate 0108.11 USS Guadalcanal, Bajor Sector

Captain's Log, Stardate 0108.11. Captain Murphy recording. We passed through
the Kalandra system at maximum warp, just slowing long enough to note a
space/time compression 'ripple' passing through the Draygo system. The
android Sargon is spending every minute of the trip in the cargo bay
examining the equipment for the Magellan outpost.

The Klingon/Federation task force searching for the DuranQo passed us in the
Kalandra system as well, heading towards Tzenkethi space. That is the
general direction that the unidentified craft that attacked DS9 came from,
as well as, possibly, the space/time compression. Captain Korvus would
probably rather be in StoVoKor than at the middle of a mystery. We can only
hope that both don't apply. If it is determined, or even strongly believed
that a Klingon ship was destroyed while deep within Federation space, things
could get extremely tense.

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