Monday, January 7, 2008

Captain's Log Stardate 0108.07 USS Guadalcanal, Bajor Sector

Captain's Log, Stardate 0108.07. Captain Murphy recording. We have spent the
last several days searching in vain for the IKS DuranQo, which vanished
while departing the Bajor system. A fleet of Klingon ships is enroute, along
with a Federation escort, to conduct a more extensive search. In the
meantime, we've beamed up a modular science outpost for the android Sargon
and his Magellan Project on the rogue planet Xena. Aside from a great deal
of monitoring equipment, he's got a small matter/antimatter reactor, an
industrial replicator capable of creating thousands of simple data
communication relays, and a type 2 shuttlepod. We hope to intercept the Xena
planetoid in the Omega Sagittarii system. That is time critical, because
after that, Xena begins a turn that will bring it into Romulan Space. And
while the Romulans haven't objected to Sargon's presence on Xena as it
passes through their space, they won't agree to a Galaxy Class ship doing
the same thing.

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