Thursday, January 3, 2008

Warship Log Stardate 0108.03 IKS DuranQo, near Cardassian Space

Warship Log, Stardate 0108.03. Captain Korvus recording. Due to a
spatial/temporal compression wave, the DuranQo has been thrown back in time
to the mid 23rd Century. As soon as we were aware of our situation we
cloaked and went on high alert. We are in enemy territory. The Cardassians
of this era are even less honorable than their 24th Century counterparts,
and in this time their empire is fragmented and hungry. According to our
records, they are many years away from conflict with the Federation. And
what of the Federation?

I have no love for the Federation, treaty or not, but they are honorable in
their own way, and despite my instincts, I will not carve a path of
destruction through their space. Nor will I use my superior ship to hunt
down and slaughter James T Kirk. That would be dishonorable. While I have a
long and dangerous mission through Federation space, I will attempt to make
the journey back to Klingon space cloaked, in an attempt to avoid conflict
that could alter the timeline. If we are discovered, we will be attacked,
and in that case we will fight back.

There is also the question of what we will do when we return to the Empire.
The Empire of this time is different. They would certainly take advantage of
our advanced technology to destroy the Federation. And while the idea is not
completely objectionable, I am convinced that the change to the timeline
would be disastrous. So I will have to find a solution. Hopefully we will be
able to return to our own time in the relative safety of the 23rd Century
Empire without having to wrestle with the timeline.

Supplemental log entry. The bad news has gotten worse. The chief engineer
informs me that our passage through the compression wave damaged our
tactical and defense systems. Our combat effectiveness has rendered us the
equivalent of a 23rd Century heavy cruiser. So we don't have the advanced
technology we might have needed to survive this.

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