Sunday, December 30, 2007

Address of Sargon to Federation Science Council Stardate 1207.30

Address of Sargon to Federation Science Council
Starbase Deep Space Nine
Bajoran Sector
Stardate 1207.30

First I would express my gratitude to the valiant efforts of Captain Korvus
and the crew of the IKS DuranQo in liberating me from a Romulan prison
asteroid. Now, ladies and gentlemen, I have a proposal to put to you. The
rogue planet designated Xena and recently examined by the starship USS
Guadalcanal presents us with an invaluable opportunity for a truly long term
voyage of exploration. It will spend approximately three more weeks
orbitting local space before it is projected to leave the boundaries of
explored space and travel through the galaxy in an orbit that appears to
have at its core the center of the galaxy. The rather eccentric orbit will
take Xena close to three hundred years to complete. I propose to set up and
operate a advanced science monitoring station on Xena, along with a small
shuttle of simple enough design to maintain for the duration of the journey.
I will also employ a replicator and engineering fabricator to maintain all
equipment. The power source at the heart of my outpost will be a class
twelve matter/antimatter reactor, rated to run in simplistic mode for well
past the required time. As a benefit of this android body provided by Azimov
Advanced Cybernetic Center, I require no life support, food or drink, and
very little maintenance. As little as six autonomous repair robots will be
required to monitor my status and perform any required maintenance. In
addition, I will fabricate a supply of simple data transfer relays to allow
me to transmit reports throughout my entire journey. This entire operation,
which I am designating Magellan, after the renowned human explorer, will
cost less in resources than a new starship launched to follow courses
plotted and followed many times over in our familiar stellar neighborhood. I
urge the science council to consider and act on this with dispatch.

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