Friday, December 28, 2007

Captain's Personal Log Stardate 1207.28 Captain Murphy, USS Guadalcanal

On board the Runabout Rio Grande, along with Deep Space Nine station
Commander Colonel Kira Nerys. We followed the erratic warp trail for almost
a full day, discovering very little solid evidence. All we really found was
an indication that the ship seemed to have passed through a thermobaric
cloud layer on its way here. And 'on its.way here' equals from the general
direction of the Gamma Quadrant. And judging from the decay rate (accounting
for the unpredictable nature of the decay), it could have come from outside
of the galaxy. According to the science officer on DS9, the space/time
disturbance is being called 'Spatial/Temporal Compression'. A fancy name for
saying that things are going to get more interesting. And I've been told
that the DuranQo is a week ahead of schedule, and its Captain is impatient
to transfer its passenger to the Guadalcanal. I'm starting to think we
should have taken that shore leave.

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