Sunday, December 30, 2007

Warship Log Stardate 1207.30 IKS DuranQo, Docked at Deep Space Nine

Warship Log, Stardate 1207.30. Captain Korvus recording. Captain Murphy
finally returned to his starship, and I officially transferred the
scientist, a Mister Sargon to his custody. Good riddance. We have been
'invited' by this Sargon to remain to listen to news and an announcement
regarding a long-term science expedition. I declined the invitation, but the
High Command ordered me to attend. I will go, because it is my duty. But it
has been my experience that this Sargon has more love for long complicated
words than a Vulcan. It will be a great sacrifice. I will record my thoughts
on this later.

Captain's log, supplemental. It was a waste of time. Sargon plans to set up
a science platform on a rogue planet designated 'Xena' that will spend the
next three hundred years travelling through the galaxy. Apparently, Sargon
is an ancient non-corporeal energy being inhabiting an android body. So with
this technology, he will travel the galaxy on a rock. Truly inspiring. On
the subject of Spatial/Temporal Compression, Mister Sargon suggests that a
massive disturbance outside of our galaxy may be causing the effect, but
offers no solution or plan of action. Again, he is like a Vulcan in that he
seems to enjoy talking just for the sake of impressing others and himself
with his vocabulary. I have recorded his speech for posterity and will
present it to the council.

The competent engineering staff of Deep Space Nine assisted in a complete
inspection of the DuranQo, and it has been deemed spaceworthy, so I am
happily taking my leave of the Federation and Bajoran crew of this
Cardassian station. Korvus out.

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