Saturday, December 1, 2007

Captain's Log Stardate 1207.01 USS Guadalcanal, Portas Sector, in Pursuit of Hijacked Convoy

Captain's Log, Stardate 1207.01. Captain Murphy recording. As we left the
Portas Sector and started to point our sensors at Breen space, we
intercepted the convoy. The first thing I noticed was that the five
freighters weren't being towed. That meant that they had, against the odds,
been captured intact. So that means we had to fly into the (rather spread
out) formation and bring their shields without destroying them. Then we had
to attempt to board and capture the freighters without the pirates
self-destructing. We met with limited success.

USS Trudeau Freighter Multiplier X2
USS Tucker Freighter Multiplier X2
USS Berman Freighter Multiplier X2
USS Stebbings Freighter Multiplier X2
USS Byrne Freighter Multiplier X2

USS Guadalcanal Heavy Cruiser Multiplier X5

Trudeau Rolled 20. Allocation: 10,10
Tucker Rolled 16. Allocation: 8,8
Berman Rolled 12. Allocation: 6.6
Stebbings Rolled 10. Allocation: 5.5
Byrne Rolled 12. Allocation: 6,6

Guadalcanal Rolls and Allocation:
Rolled 25. Allocation: 15,10
Rolled 30. Allocation: 13,17
Rolled 35. Allocation: 11,24
Rolled 30. Allocation: 10,20
Rolled 30. Allocation: 11,19
(note: in each case, Guadalcanal limits damage inflicted to 5 points,
disabling shields but not damaging freighter)

Results of attempts to capture (based on single die, high roll between
Guadalcanal and defending freighter)

Trudeau lost
Tucker captured
Berman lost
Stebbings captured
Byrne lost

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