Friday, November 30, 2007

Warship Log Stardate 1107.30 IKS DuranQo, on classified mission

Warship Log, Stardate 1107.30. Captain Korvus recording. In the Delta
Velorum Sector, we launched a cloaked sneak attack on the Romulan
Dreadnought RIS Romii. This pride of the Romulan fleet put up a minimal
fight, but was, inevitably, destroyed. We are looking forward to the
conclusion of this classified mission soon. Combat proceeded as follows:

Dreadnought RIS Romii (Multiplier X6)
Heavy Cruiser IKS DuranQo (Multiplier X5)

RIS Romii rolls 48. Allocation: 24,24
IKS DuranQo rolls 45 . Allocation: 21,24

RIS Romii: 15
IKS DuranQo: 15

RIS Romii rolls 60. Allocation: 30,30
IKS DuranQo rolls 30. Allocation: 0,30

RIS Romii:15
IKS DuranQo:15

RIS Romii rolls 24. Allocation: 12,12
IKS DuranQo rolls 35. Allocation: 23,12

RIS Romii: 4
IKS DuranQo:15

RIS Romii rolls 42. Allocation: 21,21
IKS DuranQo rolls 40. Allocation: 19,21

RIS Romii:4
IKS DuranQo: 15

RIS Romii rolls 36. Allocation: 18,18
IKS DuranQo rolls 60. Allocation: 42,18

RIS Romii: Destroyed
IKS DuranQo: Undamaged

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