Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Ship's Log Stardate 1107.21 IKS DuranQo on Classified Mission

Running cloaked in Khazara Sector in Romulan space as per orders, we
encountered Romulan Light Cruiser Intala. We immediately decloaked and
attacked. Combat proceeded as follows:

Intala rolled 16 allocation: 8,8
DuranQo rolled 12 allocation: 4,8

Remaining points:
Intala: 15
DuranQo: 15

Intala rolled 6 allocation: 3,3 9
DuranQo rolled 12 allocation: 9,3 15

Remaining points:
Intala: 9
DuranQo: 15

Intala rolled 12 allocation: 6,6
DuranQo rolled 21 allocation: 15,6

Romulan Light Cruiser Intala destroyed. DuranQo suffered no measurable
damage, and recloaked without further detection. Proceeding on classified
mission. We have one day left in the Khazara sector.

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