Thursday, November 29, 2007

Captain's Log Stardate 1107.29 USS Guadalcanal, Iota Cephei Sector, Cardassian Frontier

Captain's Log, Stardate 1107.29. Captain Murphy recording.

The sense of optimism that we all felt as the rogue planet designated Xena
moved along a generally eliptical course away from us was quickly replaced
with one of exhiliration as we detected the first indications of five ships
being dragged away at maximum impulse. There is little doubt that we took
the right course (educated guess actually) in pursuing the missing convoy.
According to the head of our science department, Commander Whittaker, the
warp trails pulling the convoy are not Cardassian, nor do they appear to
come from Cardassian warp coils. That leads me to believe that whoever took
the convoy aren't pirates operating in the frontier. Of course, beyond
Cardassian space lie the Breen. And they are infamous. At maximum warp, we
should intercept the convoy in about a day.

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