Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Warship Log Stardate 1107.27 IKS DuranQo, on classified mission

Warship Log, Stardate 1107.27. Captain Korvus recording. In the Delta
Velorum Sector in Romulan Space. As our classified mission takes us further
into enemy territory, we are finally starting to encounter resistance to
test our warrior's mettle. On this day, we came upon an unsuspecting Romulan
carrier, the RIS Superwing. The battle was glorious, and truly worthy of our
ship and crew, but as expected, the Romulan was destroyed. Combat proceeded
as follows:

Carrier RIS Superwing (Multiplier X7)
Heavy Cruiser IKS DuranQo (Multiplier X5)

RIS Superwing rolls 77. Allocation: 39,38
IKS DuranQo rolls 55. Allocation: 16,39

RIS Superwing 15
IKS DuranQo 15

RIS Superwing rolls 21. Allocation: 11,10
IKS DuranQo rolls 40. Allocation: 29, 11

RIS Superwing destroyed.
IKS DuranQo undamaged.

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