Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Captain's Log: USS Guadalcanal: Entering Iota Cassiopeiae Sector

Captain's Log, Stardate 1107.21 Captain Murphy recording. We have arrived in
the Iota Cassiopeiae Sector. There is no intial sign of the missing convoy,
and no immediate evidence of its destruction. There are residual warp
trails, but they are decayed to the point of not being identifiable. That
leaves me with a dilemma. The two most probable directions to investigate
are Tholian space and Cardassian space. I have decided to proceed towards
Cardassian space for the moment for the following reasons. Relations with
Tholia are cordial at the moment. They tend to avoid contact with aliens at
all costs. unless they think someone has infringed on their space. They are
less likely to allow pirates to operate in their space than the Cardassians,
who are rumored to be using pirates to tap into cheap, black market goods of
all sorts. And most convincing of all, if the Tholians thought the convoy
was in their space, there would almost certainly be plenty of evidence of
their destruction. I am also well aware that if I'm wrong, there is little
chance of finding out what happened or rescuing any possible survivors.

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