Thursday, November 29, 2007

Warship Log Stardate 1107.29 IKS DuranQo, on classified mission

Warship Log, Stardate 1107.29. Captain Korvus recording. In the Delta
Velorum Sector in Romulan Space. As we approach our classified destination,
we are meeting continued resistance. As we moved, cloaked, at half speed, we
came upon an unsuspecting heavy cruiser, the RIS Rael. We launched a
successful cloaked surprise attack. While suffering no damage, we destroyed
the unprepared cruiser in our initial volley. While we celebrate our victory
over the honorless Romulan Ha'dibaH, I must admit to being surprised at the
ease with which we have crushed them.

Combat proceeded as follows:

Heavy Cruiser RIS Rael (Multiplier X5)
Heavy Cruiser IKS DuranQo (Multiplier X5)

RIS Rael rolls 10. Allocation: 5,5
IKS DuranQo rolls 25. Allocation: 20,5

RIS Rael Destroyed
IKS DuranQo Undamaged

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