Saturday, November 24, 2007

Captain's Log Stardate 1107.24 USS Guadalcanal in the Mu Andromedae Sector

Captain's Log, Stardate 1107.24. Captain Murphy recording. We are proceeding at full impulse in the Mu Andromedae sector, concentrating our scans for any signs of tractored ships. Since there was no evidence of the convoy's destruction, I am assuming that the ships were either captured or towed. Capture seems unlikely, since freighters are usually equipped with "dead man's switches" which detonate the ship if the pilot releases direct manual control. It has happened, but very rarely. It was more likely that the ships were captured, and are being dragged back to some hidden pirate base. But where? That is the question. Freighters are slow, vulnerable craft, but they have powerful engines. They would have put up a struggle that even days later we should be able to detect. The alternative is to continue our course and call for a dedicated science vessel, but by then it will almost certainly be too late.

Supplemental entry. We have detected a large gravitational mass on a course generally parallel to ours. From Tholia to Cardassia, basically. Initial readings show it to be a rogue planet. I can't imagine how this can have anything to do with the loss of the convoy, but since it will be passing us at a relatively slow speed, we will investigate. I hope to have more to report tomorrow.

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