Friday, November 23, 2007

Captain's Log Stardate 1107.23 USS Guadalcanal Entering Mu Andromedae Sector

Captain's Log, Stardate 1107.23. Captain Murphy recording.

As we entered the Mu Andromedae sector, I found myself hoping that we would
run into someone. Bigger than us, smaller than us, I didn't really care. I
wanted someone to take a shot at. Someone to blame. We didnt run into
anyone. There is still utter silence from Talarian space. An entire race
that seems to have vanished. We are getting pretty close to Cardassian
space, and I am getting a little apprehensive. We have every right, and this
Galaxy Class ship is capable of taking care of itself in a scrap. But if I'm
right (and I don't want to think about what happens if I'm wrong), we've
lost a convoy and are looking for whoever took it in the dark, largely
unpatrolled frontier of a power that not too long ago posed a serious threat
to the Alpha Quadrant.

I could easily say that the Cardassians got what they deserved, and not too
many people would argue. But lots of innocents were slaughtered, and some
Cardassian heroes died to throw off the Dominion. And there is also the
consideration that big losers in history, if victorious powers are too harsh
in post war retribution, tend to come back with a vengeance if they don't
see any alternative. Most notably, the Klingon civil war at the end of the
22nd century that swept conservative forces into power and handed us a de
facto war that lasted seventy years, and Earth's first world war, that
created sufficient poverty and despair in Germany for a rabble-rouser named
Hitler to seize control with promises of power and prestige. Steps are being
taken to avoid that here. Prime Minister Elim Garak has negotiated
permission to create a defense force that will protect Cardassia and
reinstill a sense of pride for his people. But I think our convoy has been
taken by pirates active in the Cardassian frontier, and I'm not going to
wait for the diplomats to find out for sure.

To that end, the Guadalcanal is dropping to impulse, and we are going to run
a hard scan of every sector, including Mu Andromedae, in our search area.

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