Monday, November 26, 2007

Captain's Log Stardate 1107.26 USS Guadalcanal, Mu Andromedae Sector

Captain's Log, Stardate 1107.26. Captain Murphy recording. The rogue planet
entered the sector at 0600 ship's time, starting my shift about an hour
early. I temporarily amended the rules prohibiting coffee on the bridge and
waited while the planetoid drifted into sensor range. By 0800 senior
navigator Templar had plotted us a course that would bring the Guadalcanal
into orbit around the rogue planet by 1000. I will beam down with an away
team for a full scientific survey. We can remain on the planet for six
hours. After that, we'll need to leave orbit and change course in order to
pursue my theory about the disappearance of the convoy. My next log entry
should be interesting.

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