Tuesday, November 13, 2007

What's Happening

As any new visitors might be looking around wondering what is going on here, here is what I am doing. I am running a bit of a shakedown with the IKS DuranQo. Stopping to run some combat drills. That means the ship won't move, and I'll start the combat tomorrow. The rules post will move down, but I'll post a link to it along the side soon. Also, soon to come are links to Trek references on the internet which I encourage players to have a look at. I'll also have a look for a web-based random number generator. Nicely takes the place of dice. Anyone looking around is encouraged to comment. If you want more info, or are interested in playing, you can either contact me through my email if you know it (if you belong to a group where I advertised it), or comment on a post. I'll receive email notification, and let you in. You can also contact me at an alternate email, kapact at xtra dot co dot nz. (obviously the dots are '.' and the at is @).


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