Thursday, November 15, 2007

Notes on Combat and other Missions

Note: These notes refer to the combat table previously posted. Any
questions/comments welcome.

Each player gets four rolls, one for each system. (Except in the case of
stationary objects, such as bases). For each system, the maximum for each
roll is as shown. For example, a frigate can have a maximum of 20 points to
work with. The player can distribute those points to taste. If player one
devotes (for example) ten points to offense and player two devotes six
points to defense, four points of damage are recorded against player two's
shields. Shields absorb five points of damage before going down. (But can
regenerate one point every three turns) After that, four more points will
disable ship. (These points regenerate at the same rate) Six more damage
points destroy the ship. So it takes fifteen damage points to destroy a
ship. In addition, a player can set aside points to reinforce shields. For
example, if a ship has sixteen available points, it can use ten points for
offense and defense, and add six to the shields. It will then take eleven
points to bring down the shields.

After five science missions, ships automatically get 1 free point toward EW
and sensors. This is to reflect the edge an experienced science officer
brings in.

After five combat engagements, the extra points go toward weapons and

No ship, regardless of the heroic name, starts out better than its peer.
It's up to you to make legends and heroes.


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