Wednesday, November 14, 2007

IKS DuranQo Combat Drills in Balduk System

Simulated combat was random selection. I use a roulette wheel from a casino
program as my random number generator. In this case, I had three choices,
frigate, light cruiser, or heavy cruiser. So I went by the three thirds of
the board. I got the first third, which gave me a frigate to fight. Then I
consulted this table:

(And until I find a way to import a table into Blogger, you'll just have to figure what I mean here. First number lines up with Weapons, second with Sensors, third with maneuver, and third with EW)

Weapons (O) Sensors (D) Maneuver (D) Electronic Warfare (O)

Defense Platform 4 4 0 6

Frigate 4 4 8 4

Light Cruiser 6 6 6 6

Heavy Cruiser 8 8 4 8

Shipyard 16 16 0 16

Starbase 32 32 0 32

What that boils down to is this. With the 36 numbers on a roulette wheel
(and the zero's as random bad luck counting for zero), here are the charts
for roll = result for the two ships:

Frigate Praex 20 points max possible per round

4 rolls

Heavy Cruiser DuranQo 28 points possible per round

4 rolls


Praex rolls (with one extra roll, to simulate the advantage of a cloaked
approach and sneak attack):

DuranQo rolls:

Using the charts above, the Praex ended up with a total of 15 points, which
I split up into 8 for offense and 7 for defense. Then I rolled for the
DuranQo, and

got 14 points. I put 6 towards offense and 8 towards defense. So the first
round ends with both ships at a level 15, or no damage.

Round One

DuranQo: 15
Praex: 15

Tomorrow is round two.


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