Monday, December 17, 2007

Random Planetary Missions

Random Planetary Missions are meant to be storytelling and story-building. This is what lends the reality to Fantasy Trek. The day-to-day missions that make up most of a starship crew's life. Just tell your story (in the form of your choice) up to 1000 words. You'll be given a bare-bones description of your mission, and you flesh it out. Doesn't have to be a novel. The mission is chosen by a 3 in 18 roll, by rolling 3 6-sided dice.

3) Upon beaming down to the planet surface, your landing party vanishes.

4) Your landing party discovers a mysterious artifact on the planet.

5) A being, seemingly consisting of only energy communicates with the crew.

6) You discover somebody on the planet who can't possiby be there.

7) A member of the crew becomes trapped on the planet.

8) Time seems to be flowing backwards on the planet.

9) You encounter an incredibly advanced civilization (optionally, there might be a primitive society existing side by side with them).

10) You meet a society that causes you to question whether or not to interfere with their development.

11) An inhabitant of the planet tries to take over your ship.

12) Members of the crew start to act very strangely when you enter orbit.

13) The landing party finds itself back (seemingly) on it's homeworld. (Earth, Qo'noS, or whatver). But according to sensors on the ship, they're not.

14) The landing party discovers someone who desperately wants to be taken off the planet.

15) A seemingly abandoned device on the planet threatens to destroy the ship.

16) The ship becomes locked in orbit.

17) Sworn enemies attack you in orbit. (In addition to the log entry, you'll consult the combat chart)

18) Create your own adventure...

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