Friday, December 14, 2007

Warship Log Stardate 1207.14 IKS DuranQo, in Lambda Hydrae System

Warship Log, Stardate 1207.14. Captain Korvus recording. We decloaked in the
Lambda Hydrae system, within the Federation/Romulan neutral zone and were
immediately set upon by a skulking coward of a Romulan Dreanaught. We were
severely damaged but emerged victorious.

RIS Superhawk rolls 60. Allocation: 30,30
IKS DuranQo rolls 21. Allocation: 0,21

RIS Superhawk: 15
IKS DuranQo: 4

RIS Superhawk rolls 36. Allocation: 18,18
IKS DuranQo rolls 45. Allocation: 27,18

RIS Superhawk: 4
IKS DuranQo: 4

RIS Superhawk rolls 24. Allocation: 12,12
IKS DuranQo rolls 40. Allocation: 28,12

RIS Superhawk: Destroyed
IKS DuranQo: 4

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