Friday, December 21, 2007

Captain's Log Stardate 1207.21 USS Guadalcanal, Deep Space Nine

Captain's Log, Stardate 1207.21. Captain Murphy recording. While awaiting
the arrival of the Klingon ship DuranQo, we witnessed a sneak attack on DS9
by a ship that seemed to be able to fire while cloaked. We managed to drive
the ship off by targetting the launch point of its missiles, and gave
pursuit. The ship, which appeared to be roughly equivalent to a frigate put
up quite a fight, but we prevailed. We managed to retrieve some debris,
which has been passed on to Starfleet Intelligence for analysis. Combat
proceeded as follows:

Unidentified Frigate Rolls 21. Allocation: 11,10
USS Guadalcanal Rolls 20. Allocation: 9,11

Unknown Frigate: 15
USS Guadalcanal: 15

Unidentified Frigate Rolls 27. Allocation: 14,13
USS Guadalcanal Rolls 35. Allocation: 21,14

Unknown Frigate: 7
USS Guadalcanal: 15

Unidentified Frigate Rolls 24. Allocation: 12,12
USS Guadalcanal Rolls 50. Allocation: 38,12

Unknown Frigate: Destroyed
USS Guadalcanal: Undamaged

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