Friday, July 23, 2010

Blalock Class Fast (Penetration) Cruiser

The latest cruiser to come out of the Starfleet Advanced Starship Design
Division orbitting Saturn, the Blalock Class Fast (Penetration) Cruiser is a
radical departure from accepted Earth starship designs, incorporating
multiple stealth technologies that accomplish the goal of secrecy necessary
to the Blalock's mission without violating the anti-cloaking restrictions of
the Treaty of Algeron. The Blalock is heavily armed, with multiple
trilithium-depleted quantum torpedo launchers while projecting a minimal,
fast-dispersing warp trail that make the Blalock the ideal craft for quickly
penetrating hard targets with minimal chance for detection.

TNG Era Blalock Class Design by Mrs Kapact
Description by Kapact

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