Thursday, November 19, 2009

Simple Sector Conquest Turn Log As of 1109.17

As I'm posting this, I'm realizing that it isn't a quadrant at all, but a
sector. Oops :) That's why the subject header says "Simple Sector Quadrant".
As I'm playing through this, I am noting activity turn by turn, so I can
subject the only vulnerable shipyards to random enemy attack. That requires
Line Of Sight. Those random attacks require a 1d6 2/6 roll, (On a 1d6, you
need to roll a 1 or 2 to get attacked), and happen every other turn.

Turn 1)
(1109.13)-attack on KSY1? no
Fleet arrives in system cha: K1-6 vs F1-3. F1-3 destroyed. No damage to
Klingon Fleet.

Turn 2)
(1109.13)-K1-6 vs F1-5: F1-5 destroyed. No damage to Klingon Fleet

Turn 3)
(1109.13)-attack on KSY1? Contact: 4 FCA's KSY1 vs F1-4: F1-4 destroyed. No
damage to KSY1
(1109.14)-K1-6 vs F1-4: K1-6 vs F1-4: *won toss F1-4 destroyed. K1,2

Turn 4)
(1109.16)- KSY2 begin construct K1. Turn 1= No contact.

Turn 5)
(1109.16)-KSY2 construct K1 Turn 2= No contact. -attack on KSY1? No contact

Turn 6)
(1109.16)-KSY2 construct K1 Turn 3= No contact.

Turn 7)
(1109.16)-K1 complete. KSY2 construct K2 Turn 1= No contact. -attack on
KSY1? No contact

Turn 8)
(1109.16)-KSY2 construct K2 Turn 2= No contact.

Turn 9)
(1109.16)-KSY2 construct K2 Turn 3= No contact. -attack on KSY1? No contact.
Fleet departs system cha for empty space.

Turn 10)
(1109.17)-Fleet arrives open space. Convoy encountered=1 FCA escort: F1,
Fr1-5 destroyed. K1 6/25 damage. K2-6 undamaged.

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