Saturday, November 28, 2009

1109.26 IKS Ab'Qaff ChaHom System

After sitting idle for a maddeningly long time, the Romulan construction ships completed the shipyard, which as it turns out is an advanced shipyard, capable of building D'deridex type warbirds. Considering that Maavik's agent is due to arrive in less than a day, I cannot allow these Ha'dibaH to exist any longer. I will order the fleet to destroy the shipyard while the Ab'Qaff dispatches the two warbirds. I don't anticipate the fleet having any trouble with the shipyard and construction ships. but I will be prepared to take the Ab'Qaff into that battle as soon as the warbirds are destroyed.

Supplemental entry: There was no need for concern on my part. Despite their attempts at defense, the shipyard and construction ships were destroyed even quicker than the two warbirds. The area has been secured, and we now only need wait for the Vulcan envoy to take a sample of the hull material found
here. I will take the rest back to Qo'noS.

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