Friday, November 20, 2009

More Updates to the Blogsite

Have a look at the upper right hand side of the blogsite and you'll see links for "Captain's Log
Entries". These are links to the individual posted Captain's logs, as well
as (tentatively) combat encounters. Just like on the show, where you might
access all logs for a certain captain on a certain ship. Now you can do
that. A bit of a maintenance issue, because it requires actually going to
the website to edit the message, but it's a feature I've wanted for a long
time. Something else that Star Trek Online most likely will not offer. :)

Cost to purchase the newest Trek game-in-a-box: $50*
Cost every month to play the newest Trek game-in-a-box: $15*
Cost to upgrade your computer to play the newest Trek game-in-a-box: $200+*

Stretching your imagination with Fantasy Trek for free: Priceless...


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