Wednesday, March 19, 2008

still tweaking...

folks, I'm still working at tweaking the combat balance, or how hard the (non-existent) AI fights back. The method I was using, having the enemy roll first, and evenly dividing the offense/defense points, was making it too easy to win. I think that in more than twenty or thirty engagements, I never lost a single ship. So now, the way I am going to play it, and the way anyone else who might be so inclined could play it, is to actually use the honor system again, and fight effectively with both sides. If I want to make my opponent chance putting most of it's points into offense, that's what it does. Kind of like playing solitaire with starships, but I figure that the best AI I have (short of computer programming that I don't know) is in my head. And it keeps to the "imagination-based" theme....

just talking.... any comments are always welcome.....


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