Friday, May 23, 2008

Communique to USS Voyager Stardate 0508.23

To: Captain Kathryn Janeway, Commanding Officer USS Voyager
From: Admiral Jenner, Commander Hawking Research Institute Aldeberon Sector

An attempt to construct a stable wormhole between the uninhabited Durandal
system and the Delta Quadrant has resulted in a stable, but one-way
wormhole. Science ships have made several unsuccessful attempts to repair
the wormhole to bring you home. We have lost three such ships, and can
authorize no more. Once an ion storm clears the are, we intend to collapse
the wormhole, and as soon as possible, our end of the wormhole will be
patrolled to prevent any ships from accessing it. In the meantime, you
should be aware that starships from the Alpha Quadrant may find their way
through. If ships brave the ion storm and use the wormhole before we get to
it, you may encounter them. And considering the sometimes wild nature of the
Durandal system, some of those ships could be unfriendly. Forewarned is
forearmed. And of course, we are redoubling our efforts to get you home.

Good luck, phasers on stun.

Admiral Jenner
Hawking Institute

(OOC: This is something you can do what you like with. Figure that the
signal was sent omnidirectionally from a beacon sent through the wormhole as
the ion storm settled in. It could be in front of or behind you. It might be
real close, it might be at the very edge of sensor range. This is, again, a
bit of a test. No trivia hunts, no dice rolling unless you want.)

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