Saturday, May 9, 2009

Stardate 0905.08 IKS Ab'Qaff wa'Hom System

Mission Summary wa'Hom System

We have completed our mission in the in the wa'Hom system. As per our orders, we have established three outposts in this system. One is a general survey outpost on the barely habitable first planet. The second is on the equally inhospitable but dilithium rich second planet. The third is a mining and sensor outpost in an asteroid field containing dilithium, trilithium, tritanium, and latinum. This system will be a valuable source of minerals and precious metals for the Empire. We also discovered a debris field in the outer cometary cloud containing two thousand year old Vulcan hull fragments. We will of course return the debris to the Vulcans after a thorough examination has been completed.

We also accomplished the rare and glorious feat of capturing a Romulan D'deridex Class warbird intact. The Ab'Qaff and the Temujin attacked and disabled the Romulan ship, and boarding parties from the  Ab'Qaff easily captured the enemy. I ordered the mobile shipyard IKS Lursor to facilitate the repair, refit and recrew of the warbird, now designated the IKS Krayak. The Lursor will assist in establishing the mining facility and other outposts in this system. We plan to be out of the system within the day.

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