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Summary of Events Stardate 0909.01

TNG Era:
Cautious optimism continues to come from Ambassador Endara Khan and Captain
Reggie Farrell on board the USS Exeter in their ongoing diplomatic mission
in the Delta Quadrant. Ambassador Khan reports firm agreements with the
Kazon Ogla and Ogla-Mar sects on a variety of issues including mutual
defense and cultural exchange. They also discussed strategies for
approaching other Kazon sects.

Further analysis of the biomatter recovered by survey teams from the USS
Guadalcanal confirmed a connection with their findings and two thousand year
old human biomatter found elsewhere in the Delta Quadrant and two thousand
year old Vulcan hull fragments discovered by a Klingon taskforce in the
recently charted wa'Hom system. Vulcan representatives are pressing for all
data related to the findings. The USS Guadalcanal reports no sign of the
warbird Decius.

The USS Lily Sloane has confirmed chronometric disturbances emanating from
the subspace rift discovered in the Coramonde system. Telemetry from a
second probe launched through the rift has revealed a previously uncharted
solar system. The Lily Sloane is prepping a planetary probe to further study
the system

Starships USS Archer and USS Arizona report an increase in conflicts between
Klingon and Romulan forces in the hotly contested Triangle Zone. They have
been forced to pull back on more than one occasion in order to stay out of
the conflict.

TOS Era:
There have been further diplomatic protests from the Klingon Empire in
response to an alleged incursion into their space by a fleet of Federation
starships. While it is presumed to be a hoax, Klingon diplomats claim to
have recovered debris from one of the Federation starships that are supposed
to have been destroyed behind Klingon lines. Vulcan Ambassador Sarek
indicates that he is volunteering to begin talks with the Klingons in an
attempt to stop the escalation of rhetoric.

ENT Era:

Starfleet mnoitor stations continue to record Romulan signal traffic about
an unidentified Earth ship probing distant areas of their frontier. There
seems to be no mention of any conflict with the vessel, which is presumed to
be the Challenger NX-07

Columbia NX-02 has projected a course for what is presumed to be a Romulan
craft that attacked civilian shipping in the Denobulan system. The course
leads into territory believed to be claimed by the Tholians.

Yorktown NX-03 reports no sightings yet in its mission to investigate the
disappearance of two Sloane Class light cruisers. They in turn had been
investigating the disappearance of the Roddenberry EX-01, which had been on
a deep space probe towards the center of the galaxy.

Command College:

What Are Your Orders, Captain?
(TOS Era)"Our Fleet's In Jeopardy" Resolution
More than a month ago, the USS Xerxes completed a dangerous journey across
Klingon space to investigate a loss of contact with the Federation outpost
at Archer IV. It discovered that the outpost was still safe, but desperately
needed reinforcing. Section 31 has dispatched a fleet to cross Klingon space
to do just that. The fleet consisted of the Heavy Cruisers USS Nelson USS
Halsey USS Farragut USS Churchill and USS Eisenhower. In the Morska sector,
the fleet encountered and destroyed a Klingon freighter. In the Mempa
sector, the fleet was faced with a full-sized Klingon task force. It was
victorious, and no distress signal was sent to alert more Klingons.
Unfortunately, during the battle, the Nelson sustained massive damage,
requiring the fleet to remain in the sector for two days. Then, on its first
day of waiting, another Klingon taskforce happened upon the fleet. The
Klingons were again destroyed before they could get a signal out, but during
the battle, the damaged Nelson was destroyed, and the Halsey was crippled.
Again, the fleet will have to wait two days before the Halsey can continue
the mission.Fleet Captain Tiberius is now faced with a diminished fleet and
the real possibility of failing in his mission. Waiting in the Mempa sector
for two more days seems to present the risk of losing yet another starship.
They dare not leave the Halsey alone while they continue on, nor does it
seem prudent to divide the fleet in order to guard the Halsey while it
completes repairs. Also, requesting reinforcements would still require a two
day wait since the closest starship is a day away from the neutral zone.
Every possible alternative endangers the mission and the fleet...

Fleet Captain Tiberius chose to chance holding the fleet in place to repair
the damaged Halsey rather than splitting up the fleet or waiting for
reinforcements. As it turned out, the fleet encountered no more serious
opposition on its journey through Klingon space. The following is a record
of its journey:

Day One: encountered KDN IKS Ro DoQ Vaj. Ro DoQ Vaj destroyed. No signal
sent. (0709.15) USS Halsey, USS Farragut, USS Eisenhower, USS Churchill vs
IKS Ro DoQ Vaj

Day Two: No enemy encountered. Fleet departs for Beta Lankal.

(0709.15) Beta Lankal: Three Klingon Light Cruisers encountered. (0709.15)
USS Halsey, USS Farragut, USS Eisenhower, USS Churchill vs IKS Graltha, IKS
D'visor, IKS Kham'letlh. IKS Graltha, IKS D'visor, IKS Kham'letlh destroyed.
No damage to fleet. Signal detected. Fleet departs Beta Lankal.

(0709.15) Pheben: Six DEFSATS encountered.
(0709.20) USS Halsey, USS Farragut, USS Eisenhower, USS Churchill vs
KDEFSATS 1-6. 2/22 damage to Halsey. DEFSATs destroyed. No signal sent.
Fleet moves on. The fleet arrived in the Archer system the next day.

For next week:

(TNG Era) "The Loss of the USS Norgay Tensing"
Part One:
Edward Linville, captain of the USS Midway, is on a survey mission in the
far reaches of the Beta Quadrant when he receives a prerecorded subspace
data packet from his lifelong friend Captain Emma Hillary of the USS Norgay
Tensing. The text-only message seems unusually long and rambling, and
includes several confusing references to her upcoming retirement. Captain
Linville knows that as recent as two weeks ago, Captain Hillary had been
making detailed plans for a long career. But most confusing is the fact that
the message, which seems to contain no classified or even sensitive
information, has seven levels of encryption, all dependent upon anecdotes
from childhood adventures shared by the two. Captain Linville attempts to
contact Captain Hillary after reading the message, but is unable to. Further
inquiry reveals that the USS Norgay Tensing was lost with all hands after
inadvertantly straying into Tholian space. Captain Linville suspects that
there is more to this than a navigational error. He also knows that while
his survey misson is important, the longer he waits to investigate, the
harder it will be to get to the truth. He also knows that regulations
require him to advise Starfleet and request permission to abandon his
mission, but he fears that a coverup might exist within Starfleet. What are
your orders, Captain?
Choose what you think should be the next course of action, and write a brief
summary.There are no predetermined right or wrong answers. Feel free to
discuss the challenge with other players. Every player who submits an entry
receives a "Command College Point". Ten of those equal an experience point.
The most popular choice will determine the next step taken.

Captain's Log (From last week)
"...a concept we never considered..."

13)Class J Gas Giant
Age: 2-10 billion years
Diameter: 50,000-140,000 km
Location: Cold Zone
Surface: Tenuous, comprised of gaseous hydrogen and hydrogen compounds;
radiates some heat
Atmosphere: Zones vary in temperature, pressure and composition
Life forms: Hydrocarbon-based
Example: Jupiter, Saturn

(ENT Era) EX-02 Patterson
Captain Matthew Von

We weren't specifically ordered to assist in the search for the Roddenberry,
but we were sent to continue its mission. Since that would naturally takes
us along the same path, it would be irresponsible to not have a look around.
As we passed the last known position of the Roddenberry, we found a solar
system consisting of the rubble of five planets and a single surviving class
J gas giant. A planetary probe launched into the atmosphere transmitted what
appeared to be an electronic reflecton of the Patterson. We assumed and
hoped that we had found the Roddenberry, but in fact, what we'd discovered
was a record of the Roddenberry's passage through the system. As soon as the
telemetry began to come through, we started to get insight into what
happened to the five planets in this system. We knew, from dispersal
patterns as well as subatomic studies of the planetary debris, that the
disaster was a recent one, and we were concerned about the fate of the
Roddenberry in the middle of all of this. We didn't expect to find the cause
of the disaster. For some reason, the Roddenberry entered the atmosphere of
the gas giant, and seconds later, five planets were destroyed. There seems
to be little doubt that the two incidents are connected. Still, there is no
indication that the Roddenberry left the system, or that it was destroyed.
There is no obvious answer, but still, there is an explanation somwhere that
eludes us. Something out of the ordinary. A concept we never considered. A
rational explanation we didn't pick up on. But we also aren't leaving
without an answer.

(For Next Week: Expand the following into a log entry of at least 100 words.
Members post answers to the yahoogroup or the 'comment' feature on the
blogsite. Lurkers feel free to leave comments on the blogsite)

"...nothing to do with our mission..."


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