Saturday, June 5, 2010

Captain's Log Challenge 0610.05 "... no matter what it costs..."

(Post-TNG Era)

Captain William T Riker

USS Titan

Galorndan Core has been a source of trouble between the Federation and the Romulan Empire since the very birth of the Federation. When the Romulan peace treaty was established, there were a few systems along the edge of the nuetral zone that actually drifted across the treaty boundary due to the effect of galactic drift in the area, as well as the imprecise mapping of the time. Many of those systems contained colonies that were civilian in nature and actually capable of evacuating themselves. Galorndan Core, known as Galorus IV at the time, was a different matter. It was a surveillance outpost, put there specifically to watch for any Romulans coming back to settle the score.

The actions taken by Captain Erika Hernandez of the NX Class Columbia at the time, while safeguarding the assets on the planet without provoking a resumption of warfare, inadvertantly ensured that Earth and the Romulans would be at odds over Galorndan Core for the next two hundred years. Now, as political upheaval in the Empire has presented us with the possibilty of either lasting peace or another war, Galorndan Core again finds itself at the flashpoint. As the planet begins to drift across the same poorly drawn political line from two centuries ago, the diplomatic team on the Titan will find itself joining forces with a Romulan diplomatic team to forge another treaty, this time based on more than the desperation of mutually assured destruction. As Ambassador Spock has said, we have more than fear and mistrust in common. And just as Captain Hernandez did what she did because there was no alternative, we also have no alternative. We will find a lasting solution, no matter what it costs.

For next week. write a 100+ word log entry including the phrase "... the benefit of hindsight...". Post it in the yahoo group or on the blogsite's "comment" feature for a Command College Point.

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