Monday, March 14, 2011

USS Remillard Stardate 0311.14 Captain Bindi McKinnon

The Korax is a deceptively simple design, essentially the same tried and true space frame that has worked so well for them for more than two centuries. It has a single hull with outrigger nacelle struts that swing up and meet on top with a torpedo launcher integrated into a single warp nacelle. While l am not familiar with the capabilities of the Korax. it certainly resembles the Relentless class of the 23rd century; a ship almost legendary for its ability to withstand extreme damage and still make it home under power.

So I wasn't really surprised to find that there was enough of the ship intact and maintaining an atmosphere to warrant investigating. Unfortunately, there is so much interference that we can't determine any life readings. So in the grand tradition of starfleet crews since there was a starfleet, we're going in blind.  

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