Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ship Classes (Customization)

Ship Classes
Hull Class 1- Freighter/Frigate
-turn rate=1
-weapons ports=1/2
-hull modifications=0
(The frigate sacrifices one weapons port for the cargo area)
Hull Class 2-Escort/Destroyer
-turn rate=1
-weapons ports=2/4
-hull modifications=2/1
(the Destroyer sacrifices one hull modification for the extra weapons ports)
Hull Class 3-Light Cruiser
-turn rate=1
-weapons ports=5
-hull modifications=1
Hull Class 4-Heavy Cruiser/Command Cruiser
-turn rate=2
-weapons port=6/5
-hull modifications=2
(The Command Cruiser loses one weapons port to allow for the comm and sensor package that allows for ECM support, etc)
Hull Class 5-Dreadnought/Carrier
-turn rate=4
-weapons ports=14/10
-hull modifications=4/2
(the Carrier loses 4 weapons ports and 2 hull mods for the 2 hanger bays and 4 fighter squadrons)
Turn rate=
how many turns are required to 180 degrees
Weapons Port=
1 required for each Class A weapon (Phasers, etc)
2 required for each Class B weapon (Photons, Disruptors)
3 required for each Class C weapon (Plasma Torp, Mauler)
Hull Modifications=
Can be many things. Excess crew quarter space can be converted to secondary tactical-dedicated reactor. (Thank Ian Moore). These can be player-created, but will generally have to be balanced with some disadvantage. For example, our Klingon heavy cruiser with the extra reactor disrupts the structural integrity field, increasing the turn rate from 2 to 3. A more powerful ship will be less maneuverable. A more maneuverable ship will be less powerful.

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