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Summary of Events Stardate 0109.04

Summary of Events
Stardate 0109.04

TNG Era:

Ambassador Endara Khan reports that negotiations with the Kazon Ogla Sect continue to go well, but she admits to being concerned about the next step in her diplomatic initiative. Geographically, the Kazon Oglamar and Kazon Relora are closest to the Kazon Ogla, and the different sects are bitter rivals. That rivalry was intensified when, in late 2372, a peace conference organized by the Starship Voyager and a race known as the Trabe turned out to be trap set by the Trabe. The attempt served to further divide the Kazon sects. First Maje Jabin is reportedly skeptical about chances for an alliance. The delicate diplomatic task will no doubt be affected by the presence of the USS Exeter.

In the meantime, the USS Guadalcanal has set course to return to Oshionian Six, the site of its battle with the RIS Praex, to investigate strange discoveries in the region. It is expected to arrive on-site within the next week.

There have been so far no direct reprecussions from the destruction of a reportedly rogue Klingon Vorcha class battlecruiser during an unprovoked attack on a Federation convoy, and there have been no further reports of clashes between Federation and Klingon forces. There are unconfirmed reports that a Klingon special envoy is preparing to meet with a highly-placed Federation diplomat at an undisclosed location. Federation and Klingon sources have refused to comment on the reports. Independent reports from behind Klingon lines continue to hint at widespread pirate activity in Klingon frontiers as well as political infighting in the High Council. Starfleet monitor stations adjacent to the Romulan neutral zone show a continued decrease in all normal comm traffic from within Romulan space.

TOS Era:

After a long silence, the USS Xerxes reports that it became stranded in the Morska Sector for more than a week following the imposition of the Organian Peace Treaty. After its systems finally came back on line, it traveled to the Rura Penthe system, where it encountered a derelict Klingon battlecruiser. Scans showed that the ship was adrift, with systems damaged and faint life signs. While acknowledging the potential diplomatic advantage of attempting to rescue the Klingons, Captain Lionidas reasoned that the chance of precipitating a conflict by beaming over was too great, given the combat profile of his fast (penetration) class cruiser and the volatile nature of the stranded and untrusting Klingons.

Klingon Defense Force officials report the apparent disappearance of the battlecruiser LIng'taH.

Command College

What Are Your Orders, Captain?

"Crippled Enemy" Resolution:

In the mid twenty-third century, the Fast (Penetration) Cruiser USS Xerxes found itself behind Klingon lines and cut off. When hostilities broke out between the Federation and the Klingon Empire, centering around the planet Organia, the Xerxes was ordered to cross Klingon territory to reinforce the outpost in the Archer system. Days later, when opposing fleets were immobilized and a peace treaty imposed, the Xerxes was cut off. Trapped and alone in the remote Rura Penthe system, the Xerxes comes upon a derelict Klingon warship. Scans indicate that the crew is alive, but systems are failing. Captain Lionidas sees two obvious choices. He can either:

A: Trust in the imposed terms of the Organian Peace Treaty and beam over. If his engineers can repair the warship's failing systems, it could help to strengthen the peace. Or he can...

B: Take advantage of the warship's distress to escape the area and either proceed to Archer or return to base.

Captain Lionidas determined that the potential risk of a Federation combat vessel boarding a distressed Klingon warship in a remote location in Klingon space, days after the imposition of an unwanted peace treaty was too great, considering the likelihood of a rescue ship on the way and the possibility of more Klingon ships arriving on the scene before the Xerxes could withdraw.

(Moderator's Note: There are no predetermined right or wrong answers. The most popular solution will give the players who chose it a "Command College Point". Ten of those equal an experience point. Think of it as a correspondence course while onboard ship.)

"Forward or Back?"

Considering the imposition of the Organian Peace Treaty, and the unpredictability of its effect on his ship, Captain Lionidas has been given a great deal of latitude regarding the ongoing status of his mission. The colony in the Archer system has yet to be heard from, and despite assurances from the Organians, Starfleet is still concerned that the Klingons could be occupying it. The Xerxes has been given this simple choice:

A: Continue on to Archer, risking a greater concentration of Klingon forces but with the advantage of already having crossed deeply into Klingon space, or:

B: Return to Federation space while the peace holds and the ship can travel in relative safely. A larger ship would be assigned to make the perilous trip to Archer. This might also allow for a diplomatic effort that could resolve the situation without further risk of hostilities.

Choose A or B, or a third course of action and write a brief explanation.

"Captain's Log"

(From Last Week)

"This is the first time that such a weapon had been used by such a ship."

(TOS era)

"Warship Log. IKS Goltlh'. Captain K'vak recording. I am recording this message in the hope of relaying vital intelligence to the Empire. Our assault on the new Excelsior Class heavy battlecruiser has ended disastrously. I can only hope that our honorable combat will earn us berths on a ship in the Black Fleet. We crossed over into a poorly defended section of the Federation border in order to test reports that the hated, interfering Organians have truly disappeared, and approached the massive ship under cloak. We followed standard procedures and made our first attack at point blank range. The monster's shields turned away our first volley, and we withdrew at maximum speed. Phaser fire and photon torpedoes almost disabled us, but I chose to make another pass at the Excelsior before considering withdrawing. Before we could recloak at a safe range, however, the heavy battlecruiser launched a plasma torpedo that smashed through our shields and began to buckle our hull. Before they went out, our sensors determined that the torpedo originated from Gorn technology. This is the first time that such a weapon had been used by such a ship, and hints at an alliance between the reptiles and the Federation. If this is true, we face a grave threat. I can only hope that this warning reaches Imperial Intelligence in time to do some good. Our ship is losing hull integrity, and I have just seconds to send this transmission. Repeating. Warship Log. IKS Goltlh'. Captain K'vak recording. I am--"

(Expand the following into a log entry of at least 100 words. Members post answers to the yahoogroup or the 'comment' feature on the blogsite. Lurkers feel free to leave comments on the blogsite)

"We're hoping the log will provide some answers"


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